“Elections Results Will Be Dramatic”

By Mark B. Dumbar

One of the newly certificated political parties in Liberia, Liberia First Movement Standard-bearer, Sheikh Al-Moustapha Kouyateh has disclosed that the results of the Presidential and Legislative Elections will be dramatic in Liberia.

Mr. Kouyateh said because most of the political messages from various candidates during political rallies cannot give the main objectives of what they stand for and what they will deliver to the Liberian people comes October 10, 2023.

Speaking Tuesday, September 12, 2022, on a local radio station, Mr. Kouyateh mentioned that the Liberian people this time will decisively choose their leader based on God’s guides. According to him, the Liberia First Movement has organized itself as a political party to ensure that justice is given to the people.

Mr. Kouyateh further stated that if the Liberian people can give him the presidency, the Liberian First Movement will ensure that the issue of the War and Economic Crimes Court will be established in Liberia.

He pointed out that the Liberian First Movement is coming for the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court so that justice can be served to those that need it. “We are coming as an institution that is calling for justice in Liberia,” he added.

Mr. Kouyateh disclosed that when the court is established in Liberia those who think that the only way to resolve differences is through war or violence; when they are behind bars the next generation will not do the same.

He said those who believe that coming to government means stealing from the people who elected them will be justified by the War and Economic Crimes Court under his administration. “Our fight is not a fight against anyone or witch-hunt for anyone,” he promised.

Mr. Kouyateh pointed out that the fight of the Liberia First Movement political party is of clear vision to ensure that Liberians have the Liberia that they desired. “It is always said that the love of liberty brought us here,” he added.

He said wondered how Liberians can define liberty in the absence of justice, accountability, reconciliation and development. “That’s what we stand for,” he stressed.

Mr. Kouyateh disclosed that his fight is not for a job but rather to bring justice to Liberia and to ensure that Liberians have a better Liberia.

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