“Election Must Not Breakdown Our Country “

By: Washington Tumay Watson-onewash9@gmail.com

Information Minister, Ledgerhood Rennie has urged Liberians cross the country not to allow the October 10 Legislative and Presidential Elections to break down the country.

Minister Rennie said protecting the peace and stability of the country should be the nationalistic concern of every citizen during these political campaigns for the various candidates who are vying for their respective positions in the October polls.

In a phone conversation on OK FM Wednesday, the Government Chief Spokesman said those political leaders and candidates in the October polls are all friends who do not have personal disagreement among themselves but politics something that is only for the political processes.

According to him, after the political process, there is a need for Liberians to move on with the transformation of the country irrespective of which side is victorious during the elections.

Minister Rennie wants political leaders to continue to speak the messages of peace and denounce the attitude of supporters engaging in electrical violence.

The Information boss told Liberians that those who have been in the opposition during the 20 17 Legislative and Presidential Elections have been moving on with their contributions to the society including the country’s developmental program.

Minister Rennie told Liberians that peace is the connecting force that unites the citizens noting that without peace nothing can be done positively for the country stressing that Liberians are living from the effects of the 14-year war that destroyed lives and properties.

According to him, the civil conflict affected Liberians physically, psychologically, and emotionally which is reflected on a daily basis something that is fundamentals in upholding the peace of the country.

He used the interview to express gratitude to the media for its efforts in educating the public on non-violent campaigning and the importance of keeping the peace.


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