Elect People With Technical knowledge Not Politicians

...Simeon Freeman Admonishes Voters

MONROVIA-With just two months to the conduct of the Presidential and Legislative Elections in the country, the Political Leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), Simeon Freeman has admonished Liberians mainly voters to elect people with technical knowledge and not mere politicians.

Mr. Freeman noted that the strategy to ending Liberia’s underdevelopment and the unimaginable nightmare is the election of people with technical knowledge and not mere politicians or political parties.

Addressing a cross-section of media personnel Monday, the MPC Political Leader pointed out that Liberians must begin to relook at the manner and form they elect their leaders by taking due note of people with the technical knowledge to help them provide the much-needed leadership of the country.

Freeman said the only way Liberia can develop and move ahead is for Liberians to elect people who are willing to resolve the many complexities of the country and not people who will come to power to create a big mess that continue to burden the country for decades.

He added that the core issues that Liberian politicians need to be discussing are the bread-and-butter issues by taking a careful look at how they can resolve them and provide solutions to the already marginalized population.

“What kind of Liberia does Liberians want to see, how can we influence outcomes, even talk show host and Journalists have a say when some of the media professionals are saying they can’t support a particular candidate in these Election. You are the consciousness of the society, and the media must provide direction,” Freeman said.

“The media must begin to reshape the mindset of the electorates by focusing on the technical capacity of candidates rather than talking politics without actions,” Simeon Freeman said.

Enterprising businessman turn politician cautioned the media to take a careful look at the United States of America and other Western Countries by tracking how the media outlets in most of those countries direct voters to a particular candidate or political party by being proactive and not ‘don’t care’ posture to ensure the media has a very strong voice in the governance of the State.

Freeman called on the Liberian media to begin taking steps to redeem the Liberian media by utilizing their platforms and airwaves to source capital support for their various news outlets and stop playing baby in the boy politics of Liberia.

Commenting on the number of Embassies that Liberia has around the World where the government spends over US$20 million annually, he said the government can use that money to build more homes for the poor people of Liberia.

The Movement for Progressive Change political leader said it was time that the Government of Liberia begins the reduction of embassies around the world and focuses on a more strategic pathway for utilizing limited resources for the good of the poor people.

Freeman called on the Government of Liberia to begin the shutdown of several embassies and diplomatic missions to diplomatic attaché’ to perform duties on behalf of Liberia rather than having staff across the world with less meaningful impact.

On other national issues, the MPC Standard-bearer called for tailoring priorities rather than loss spending which has never benefited Liberia meaningfully.

“How many politicians know that the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency received 24,000 in the national budget while the National Fire Service receives US$1 million far less than what the Vice President office received for operational funds?”

“To get Liberia connected with better roads, it will take over 300 million dollars and this cannot happen in six years but it will take some time. so then, as President of Liberia, we will be going to reduce the too many ministries, agencies and embassies that are not contributing to the budget or resolving the problems of Liberia but rather putting more burden on the economy and undermining the growth of the country,” Freeman among other things concluded.”

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