“Elect Different Kinds of Leaders to Change Liberia”

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah/Bong County Correspondent

GBARNGA–The current chairman of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, has challenged youths of Bong County to be decisive about what to do to change their personal situations for the better, and to improve conditions in the country.

Addressing the youths of Gbarnga, Bong County over the weekend, when he visited Central Liberia to observe the Liberty Party Special National Convention, Chairman Cummings seized the opportunity to caution the youths of the County to be wise in making decisions that will change their lives and improve the country.

He made the assertions when he made a brief appearance at a local speakeasy engagement.

“Every opportunity I have had to speak to the youths of this country, I have always told them two cardinal things. The first one is that you cannot keep doing the same thing and get different results. And so, as young people if you want things to change in your life, you have to do some things differently. If last semester you made a C or B average, and wish to make a better grade the next semester, you will have to study harder. So if we want to change Liberia, we can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different result. We have to elect different kinds of leaders, with different kinds of experiences, if we want to change Liberia,” the CPP leader stated.

Additionally, Chairman Cummings urged the young men and women of Bong and Liberia to be serious about accountability, which he said, simply means taking charge of one’s situation to improve conditions.

“My second message is about accountability. And I punctuate this message with a quote: ‘If it is to be, it’s up to us’. If you want great things to happen, you have to be accountable and take charge yourself. This means, you have to take responsibility for making things happen,” Mr. Cummings averred.

Also speaking on his ANC party’s action plan to bring more members into the CPP which is one of the Country’s newest political institutions, Chairman Cummings informed the youths of Bong County that there is no equivocation about the issue.

“To join the CPP, you have to join it through one of the four political parties. We want people to join the ANC that want to come to the CPP. We will be identifying projects that work with the youths, and especially with the women of Liberia. So  those are some of the things we will do to make our case to the Liberian people,” Mr. Cummings stated.

With regards to his own political ambition as Liberians prepare for the 2023 presidential and general elections, Chairman Cummings reiterated his intention of becoming the first standard bearer of the CPP, and eventually the next president of the republic of Liberia, adding as Standard Bearer of the ANC, we will be aspiring to become the Standard Bearer of the CPP. But there is a process. We have made the decision; we will go through that process, and hope to be successful.

It can be recalled that it was under the CPP’s rotational chairmanship that Liberia’s largest opposition bloc achieved so far, its toughest and most successful performance in the quest for political leadership of the country.

Fielding some of its most formidable candidates during the recent midterm senatorial elections, the CPP won six of the 15 counties, in a hotly contested election that pitted some of best contenders from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) party and the CPP.

Employing a hands-on approach during the just gone midterm elections, Mr. Cummings moved across the country, campaigning for all 15 candidates who were fielded to contest. The result of this strategy produced one of the biggest upsets in contemporary Liberian political history, with incumbent Montserrado County Senator Abraham Dillon retaining his grip on the country’s most vote-rich region, massively trouncing the most ruling party’s formidable candidate, Montserrado County District #5 Representative, Thomas P. Fallah, even in his own district.

The CPP victory under Chairman Cummings also witnessed the winning of other vote rich counties, including Lofa and Bong counties.

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