EFF expresses concern over murder allegation

MONROVIA-The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters said he is concerned over the salience of the government   over allegations made  against  Solicitor General, Seyma Cyrenius Cephus by former Roberts International Airport boss, Ellen Cockrum.

Emmanuel Gonquoi in a statement issue  last week said the government should have called for an investigation into the allegation.

“Fellow citizens, we are heartbroken, to say the least, that up to now, the Government of Liberia, under the leadership of a former “Peace Ambassador” and UNICEF Ambassador, has not called for an investigation into the allegation that his Solicitor General, a man who is supposed to be giving justice and upholding the rule of law, but is rather being referred to as a one callously being in conflict with law, by allegedly murdering innocent Liberian girls, for political protection and promotion,” he said.

It can  be recalled that  madam Cockrum  accused the SG of doing human sacrifice  by killing  virgins to enable her get freedom on an ongoing case against her in the USA where she is expected be sentence  next year.  But  the SG  has denied it.

“As grave as this allegation is, bordering on the shedding of blood and the taking away of innocent lives, we believe that it shall never be one of those matters that is ever swept under the carpet, as this involves lives, the very lives of young Liberians, who would have gone on to becoming better leaders than the ones our nation have been presented with over the years that have brought us all nothing but tears and backwardness.”

He added: “To kill is unlawful, even if such action was unintentional, what more for one to willfully and intentionally snatch away the lives of innocent girls for political power as his accuser has alleged; this is heartlessness and it is absolutely unfortunate. That’s the more reason why this news of the Solicitor General allegedly murdering virgin girls must be properly and impartially investigated by the Government of Liberia, especially when Liberians are going missing by the day, while their family members and loved ones live with heartbreak and the grief associated with this, and all this Government does is sit idly and do nothing, even when its citizens go missing under mysterious circumstances – most times, with some ending up dead.

“Fellow citizens, we are all aware that murder is a crime against the state and people who are usually accused of murder are immediately arrested by the state for prosecution.  But we are baffled that by now, Cllr. Cephus has not been apprehended in accordance with law, and be made to answer to this very weighty allegation. We want to state here on record that this is totally unacceptable, and for this, we, in the strongest term, condemn the government, especially its law enforcement segment and all those that control it,” he said.

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