WHEN GOD HIMSELF PENNED that without vision, the nation perishes, he was actually sending a caveat that human beings, those who would be opportune to lead a nation and a people, needed to look beyond self, put up an innovative garment if they are to effect real change, and if they are to drive the nation on a path of progress and the rostrum of development.

It means also that God was sending a message of rebuke to those who would falter in leadership capacities, and eventually plunge their country and people in the devastating cesspool of retrogression and suffering. It equally means God was setting apart self-development through impropriety, through grab and corruption from purity and decency of heart and actions. Now, one would wonder if this godly caveat is being adhered to or practiced in Liberia. Considering the state of affairs – the kind of unkemptness, depravity, display of political nuisance, and insensitivity on the rise, all of which keep the country in the abyss of unproductiveness – this seems too far from reality.

IT IS OBVIOUS THAT when things begin to go astray when lives are less meaningful and worthy of standards, people (citizens) will yearn for a fresh beginning, a very new approach, and an incorruptible breed of people (leaders) who would reject malfeasance, reject impropriety and reject gross insensitivity and callousness in favor of sincerity, fairness, integrity, and straightforwardness in upholding national values – adherence to the rule of law, tenets of good governance and uncompromising fight against corruption. This is the demand placed on Liberia in the wake of what others say is a deviation of the current administration from affecting the ‘change’ it campaigned on several years ago- the real reason Liberians overwhelmingly voted it into power.

IT IS TRUE THAT is not rosy, and possibly will never be rosy, but is it those are interminably ranting here and yonder, claiming to be ‘Rescuers, Fixers and Changers’, the type of people worthy of any trust? Are they the guys who have the needed solutions to the country’s tears-jerking problems for which Liberians should believe them? This question will continue with realistic answers, regardless of others’ mindset and glorified positions. From all indications and experiences, it will be so foolhardy a judgment that these very people who were dethroned at the polls in 2017 are the saviors, the rescuers and the fixers of whatever the problems are. To believe that they do is like the wrong mixture of chemicals in making glucose, or better put, it misapplication of formulas in the political chemistry process.

YES, UNTIL ETERNITY, NO one understands why this country, so much so endowed and blessed by God, is yet too far from realizing the real essence of statehood. Why has this country continued to grapple with little things, rather than bigger things for the advancement of society and the living standards of people? This is why the endless cries and noise about “change, fixer and rescue” ahead of October elections has become so bemoaning and irritating to listen. For a group of people who squandered opportunities, as well as resources put at their disposal for personal gains and upliftment that could better the country, to rant and perambulate with the belief and notion that they are best suited to do it right, is another form of insult to an already disappointed citizens.

YES, WE THINK SO fervently that is the loudest laughable and disgusting claim or assertion ever poured by anyone attempting to capture or return to the hilltop of state power. Granted election is about promoting whims and caprices – that people would carve the nicest of messages during electioneering period with the hope of convincing voters – but it is equally wrong to blatantly and callously mislead your people when claiming to be what you are not, or the abilities and  qualities you don’t possess to transform.  This is to say that Liberians will have to look deeper and deeper, take a methodically pensive reflection and introspection into these charming campaign messages to be able to have fair and unfettered understanding and make that eventful decision. Politicians are the smartest of human characters that look for the best options, take advantage of the loopholes in any management and governance process to elevate their self-centered agenda. It will appear real on the surface, the message they send it; but the reality is that they are running deep underwater.

OURS IS NOT TAKING sides, but it is obligatory upon us to open the eyes and understanding of our people to the political chicanery of those who want to lead, those who want to take over from those they claim plunging the country into mess. Ours is a responsibility to demystify the outlandishly pretentious characteristics of politicians during elections, simply because of their undying determination to take state power and re-plug their corruption cables. The message of rescuing might not be too odd of a reality, but the messengers lack the character wherewithal to rescue this country from anyone. Instead, they are fighting for a comeback to rescue themselves from the high level of profligacy that got them lacking once more, after amassing huge sum of money under the former regime. Yes, they want to rescue or fix themselves, not the country, not the people.


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