EDITORIAL:From Far Across The Sea

From March 6, 1957 to the slamming of the colonial rusty iron gate stained with the inhumane, unlimited and gross violations of all human rights including the very inalienable rights to the near closure of the 1960s when Africa could hen breathe a sight of independence self-control and self-governance when the abused marred curtain of colonialism was forced out of Africa; the race and rush for Africa is once again under the spotlight dominating the heart, minds, and souls of some western and Asian countries for he partitioning claims for reasons best known to them.

Heavily attired in their boldface shameless notorious regalia, all serving as the must-be arrow heads dancing in the philosophical hands of the great late Kwame Nkrumah’s prophetic book: Neo-Colonialism, The Last Stage of Imperialism; interesting to note that they are currently, but strategically and hurriedly crisscrossing most parts of Africa in dire need of influence, so-called blood-sealed relationship and obviously, resources and markets. They are the Chinese, Russians, French, Great Britain, and even the earthly almighty powerful United States of America with no established record of directly colonizing any country, is very busy on her toes, and at the heart of the serious and real race for Africa from far across the sea. What’s propelling their engines of vested interests and quests for dominance in certain parts of Africa?

True to his (Nkrumah’s) revolutionary and gallant proclamation that Ghana’s Independence would be meaningless except it is tied to the total liberation of Africa from the last vestiges of colonialism. Yes indeed, and this came to pass After March 6, 1957, the struggles for the liberation of colonized African Countries took center stage with immense intensification that brought all colonial-yoked African countries to see the light of Independence Day.

As the rush for even a chunk of Africa by those from far across the sea gains more steam with the ground swell, egos, vigilance solely to stamp their respective interests and exercise vested supremacy in the land once swallowed by their disrespect for others’ value systems by tearing up the lands into pieces with their colonial scissors and hegemony; now is back an in constant motion; are today’s African Leaders keenly aware and of the past doomsday treatments meted out against their predecessors; what lessons taught and learned the very hard and bitter way that enslaved them and their various sovereignty; seized to exit under their respective authorities; and do they still remember Vasco de Gama who (in the words of African jazz king, Huge Masekela) invented discoveries for colonization; the voyage of David Livingstone and his con henchman Stanley; the gruesome iron-fist terroristic and toxic act unleashed on Patrice Lumumba by King Leopold of Belgium.

They are thronging again into Africa from far across the sea and let’s not be fooled into thinking, in whatsoever form, shape, fashion or purpose, they are surely coming exclusively in the very selfish interests- as it is known, monkeys can never hide its black hands no matter what, it will show sooner or later.  Is Africa on top of the game? Does Africa know who holds the trump in the deck? Is Africa groomed adequately to preside and most importantly, is Africa now the tipping point in the global superpower game plan that could outweigh the competing powers for Africa? Time for Africa to think deeply and observe carefully not to turn out to be the victim of its own achievement this time around. Not time for Africa to claim heroism, but equally so, Africa will vehemently refuse a zero crown.

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