SINCE ITS FOUNDING several decades ago, the Republic of Liberia founded by freed slaves from the United States continues to endure worst form of societal misadventures in a way its citizens often become direct victims of these intolerable conditions that they do not bring upon themselves. From generation to generation, from government to government, efforts towards mitigating or eradicating such terrible conditions, such as lawlessness or acts of insecurity, still remain inconsequential wherein those opportune to be at head of the political table who only bask in lability.

WHILE LIBERIANS STRUGGLED over time to deal with some of these vexing problems on their own, years of irrational civil war which decimated every facet of the national structure aggravated and compounded this rather national embarrassment that is greatly telling on the country’s image now a day. Even with the presence of the United Nations-backed peacekeeping forces sometimes ago, there were sparkles of lawlessness or insecurity around the country. Waywardness became the order of the day as young men and women basked in the unorthodox attitude of drugs taking.

HOWEVER, FEW YEARS after the departure of the UN-backed peace-keeping forces, the writings on the wall are translucently clear that the situation seems to be much more ingrained than ever before. With the present government endeavoring to provide maximum security, lawlessness, disorderliness, free-for-all attitude are still painstakingly permeating the national order, thus bringing the national security architecture under the prism. Besides the reported wave of ritualistic activities nationwide, the glaring violation or breaking of the law as seen in the traffic and street corners by motorcyclists, motorists, street sellers, marketers and other unwholesome attitudes at homes or in the communities bear true witness to the fact that things are fast falling apart and the center is no longer holding.

LET BE SAID that the peaceful protest held on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 by concerned citizens only shed light on the negative direction the country has taken. It is the right of any group of citizens to rise to the occasion when things are wobbling because any country that does not prioritize the security of its citizens stand to lose the true essence of its existence. It is against this backdrop we think there is high time the government of the day, despite the challenges it is faced with, needed to step up its game.

UNDENIABLY SO, IT is of concern when citizens do not have confidence in the system or the national security sector, specifically the Liberia National Police which is unarguably the face of the country’s security forces. It is of concern when security officers continue to be linked to criminal activities, and it is of concern when some police officers are deemed to have surrendered their integrity and professional value for little or nothing. Most importantly, it is of concern when security officers (police in this case) commit themselves to drivers against the general interest of the citizens.

WE HAVE SEEN situations where sellers have taken over street corners, we are aware of situations where kekeh-riders or motorists are violating on a daily basis and we are aware of situations where police officers only stand by and watch people carry on lawlessness. While we appreciate efforts made in other areas, it is unfortunate to witness such nightmare at the time citizens are concerned with other things. There is no argument that the situation is not unique to Liberia alone, but swift actions are needed to nip it in the butt. We think the time is now to stop this senselessness and we call on the Police to take charge of the situation to safeguard the image of the country. Until then, the question remains: who is in charge amid worrying increase of lawlessness.

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