EDITORIAL: Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Echo Of 2023

The political equation reflective of presidential and legislative elections for the year (2023) long being yearned for to x-ray and diagnose the performances of those who served for the last six years and are craving for re-election, is now rapidly falling prey to blind loyalty and eclipsed by sycophancy

Recalling the terrific odds, setbacks, and calamity coupled with the expressed acute disappointment for the last five years in the governance system; the wheelers and dealers challenged to make the exercise a wholesome functioning development, is gradually becoming troubling.

In the interim, people are wondering and asking where have all the flowers gone as an echo of 2023; the long-awaited year to remind people that their weakness in national performance on the stage of time for six years.

With 2023 being declared the defining moment in the political life of the people of Liberia when the pay-checks will be released to all those who participated in the elective government’s public spaces for their respective performances in government for the last six years, the question indeed keeps vibrating: where have all the flowers gone…leaving the echo of 2023 like a political orphan?

Will the long-awaited 2023 be a total political giveaway? How can 2023 demarcate and draw the line as the air is loaded with credos and battle cries of stranded change is deep-rooted, coupled with the reluctance stamped on the visas for all those with excess baggage, are the citizens keen on it? Will there truly be an election or political soap opera? Is the long-awaited nationwide zeal of 2023 equally so, compromised a long time ago? If not, then where have all the flowers gone the repeated wailing echo of 2023?

A little line from Sociology says without time, there can be no change, and without change, the time has no meaning- and so it is asked; is 2023, not the time long craved for to institute and vividly see a real practical change? If the citizens don’t look too far away and beyond the bowl of raw rice and a few brown coins and engage the futuristic horizon for the restoration of dignity, empowerment, reliability, and self-weakness, shower in independent due process embedded in genuine transparency and the absolute respect and no infringement for accountability at all levels in the governance system in the era after 2023 has given national birth.

Until then, the burning question remains- where have all the flowers gone? Echo of 2023.

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