Even with the most publicized and popularized publication steaming from the history of what is now Bicentennial celebration for the founding of the state of Liberia by returned so-called freed slaves from the United States; and yes indeed, are now swimming in the pool of 200 years of existence as a country; there springs to mind the little “insignificant” question: was there a country such as this in this part of the world before the arrival of the freed slaves?

 Quite frankly the forced-to-erase-segment of this nation’s or to put it very bluntly, the cut-away part of this nation’s existence before the freed-slaves came into the historical equation of the nation building process, is just not only troubling and pathetically worrisome to say the least rather presents this nation now cruising from 200 years onward, but then what happened before 200 years?

Did this country ever exist before the most recognized Bicentennial? Was this place never occupied by any inhabitants? Did they not establish any form of livelihoods, if at all there were dwellers in such place; beginning with languages, formation of society, education, culture/tradition, defense mode,  methods of subsistence, survivability and the bond of family connections coupled with the establishments of authority over such domain; just to bang on a tip of the icebergs?

Then where did this nation’s historical pedigree begin? Did the nation exist in total oblivion until the now most cherished 200 years of existence as a country? What has become of the erased part; obviously, the buried variables of the past far before 200 years need to be mirrored; and must be provided all due respect, courtesy and absolute inclusion at the highest echelon, and not shove in an unmarked mass grave of shame, disregard, block-out and thoroughly forgotten all about; and it is a grim mortal sin to ever, let alone even dream of its historical kudos.

With the clash of imported mentality, concepts on one hand, and culture and indigenous tradition on the other; it is no surprises that out of mockery, the world, with  the manner and form things keep obtaining and unfolding very poorly an deeply wrongly always; critics and detractors have declared that God created three kinds of people: the white men, the black men and Liberian men; projecting  it further, things continue to get messy in all facets of the country, equally so, a phrase now exists to sum up all the backwardness and lousy mess as opposed to best practices globally accepted-The phrase is: “This Too Is Liberia”. Although one wonders why and quickly the answer pops up; why not.

Today, the confused people sinking deep in the lack of pride, culture, tradition and heritage; totally and only subscribe to the imported mentality and value in its entirety. The curse is now on Liberia and until the buried part before the current 200 years recognized the buried part becomes reflective; as no nation or group of people can escape the past, instead, as long as the vacuum is not prestigiously occupied openly and incorporated, the crews will always be; when will Liberia be Liberian?

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