EDITORIAL THE USA Accusing Others of human rights violations; a complete deceptive posture

THE USA ACCUSING OTHERS OF human rights violations; a complete deceptive posture

Pointing accusing fingers at someone or a group of people or even a sovereign nation has always drawn stark admonition from sages who know only too well that those accusing fingers could better serve the accuser when those fingers are pointed inward.

This eternal admonition came to us through the good book, the Living Holy Bible, from the Master Himself, Christ Jesus, and hundreds of sages, philosophers as well as God fearing people and development gurus throughout the ages.

In the land of runaway Christian Evangelism, the land of Abraham Lincoln; John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump; the great United States of America; misguided and somehow official convoluted denunciation of governance dynamics, in other countries has over the centuries, provided the opiate for self-righteous, mentally displaced  politicians and unhinged racists including insidious and morbidly racists Americans;

It is absolutely galling to hear American officials making laughable and bulling accusations of Human rights abuses at a small country like this Republic of Liberia.

Just few weeks ago, a sitting American President, Donald Trump  encouraged his supporters to raid that country’s first branch of government, the Capitol building killing a couple of Police Officers during that despicable period on January 6th. 2021.

With Americans and the rest of humanity continuing to witness the mass killings of innocent students and other hapless citizens, all in the macabre name of owning a gun in the great USA, as a form of human right, America continues to register laughable claim to Moral probity

Hundreds of thousands of innocent and promising lives have been lost over the years in America through summary executions, Police Brutality and the callous use of fire arms to which America is more committed than to the protection of sacred lives at home and in the global arena.

The ‘summary execution of innocent George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of a white American police officer – on camera in broad daylight – is currently trending on all major news networks and social media all over the world.

This is in solidarity with Black people in America who have been denigrated, misused and abused in the United States for over two hundred and fifty years.

The bitter facts remain that America’s human rights records up to now are as wretched as that of the Gestapo.

This is a tragic statement of fact. Liberia’s human rights record is more palatable on the global scene than the world’s self-appointed policeman, the USA.

For the USA to continue to use Liberia as a whipping boy because of America’s material and financial endowment cannot and  should not wipe away the appalling and inhumane and deplorable human rights record of the USA.

This administration led by his Excellency President, Dr. George Manneh Weah will in no doubt turn this country around and make this country the Jewel of Africa once  the needed things are done.

It took the USA as we know it today, over 175 years to start behaving as a civilized society. America still has a long way to jettison that ugly national record

WITH ALL THE DECADES OF SLAVE LABOR THAT WENT INTO BUILDING AMERICAN INDUSTRIES,  that self-righteous country has yet to admit to the despicable and abominable human rights abuses of that era, let alone to proffer a modicum of apology for that demonic treatment of innocent human beings from Africa.

Under this youthful looking President, His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah,  has said Liberia will develop, Liberia will survive, and indeed this Republic of Liberia will take its rightful place among the comity of nations, in spite of the USA’s centuries long treatment of Liberia as a back water farm.

What was the tail yesterday could certainly be the head tomorrow. WE think that the USA should continue to help this government in other ways so that it would meet its objectives.  To criticize  is important, but also useful if good recommendations are made.

The Roman Empire is now no more than a miniature of its former self. What remains of the British Empire is so small; it can fit on the back of her majesty’s postage stamp with ample space remaining to send a Dear John note home.

This is an appropriate elementary school lesson that should not be lost on the ‘great’ USA.

Let the USA make use of its  special relations with  one of  its long standing ally on the continent of Africa. See what the French are doing in French speaking countries today; the British are  working in good line. It is time that the great USA work well to help improve the living condition of Liberia.


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