EDITORIAL: Stop Putting The Cart Before The Horse

This government has been running on a long precarious and displeasing list of mysteriously unresolved deaths and nothing much has been done to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The national investigating authority most often put the cart before the horse, thereby compromising the rule of law by stating far before the investigation is ever concluded; that there was no foul play.

Of late, angry callers on several radio phone-in-talk-shows, most of their voices choked with emotion and disdainfulness while responding to Liberia National Police (LNP) Spokesman H. Moses Carter in the mysterious death of Princess Cooper.  The investigation is ongoing at its much early state, conceding that in that case (Princess Cooper’s) there was no foul played while at the same time paradoxically informing the public that the Ministry of Justice has ordered two Liberian Pathologists to perform an autopsy on her body to find out the cause of death along with another body (Melvin Togba).


The many angry emotional callers regarding to what led to Princes Cooper’s mysterious death, also sounded a warning to LNP’s spokesman Carter to immediately desist from engaging in such pronouncement that uprightly compromises the prime objective of the serious happening before the result is ever established from the investigation which often results into a dead-end and then surrounded by reluctance.

They further cited numerous cases in which according to them, LNP’s spokesman Carter allegedly pre-emptively concluded that there was no foul played; thereby results ended vaguely. They cited the case of the missing three boys at the St Moses Funeral Parlors, the death of Miss Odell Sherman and many others whose results were struck down due to the no foul played statement while the investigation was still ongoing.

The emotionally charged callers also questioned the wisdom and significance of an autopsy when LNP’s spokesman Carter ruled out no foul played? They also questioned why the close circuit television camera was not taken into custody since it would play a pivotal role and is cardinal to the unfolding trend in the investigation of the mysterious death of Princess; they wondered suspiciously.

At the same time they (callers) pointed out that they’re following Princess’ case very keenly, despite LNP’s spokesman’s premature conclusion that there was no foul played; what the autopsy’s result will say and that spokesman Carter must stop embarrassing alleged murder cases by being the last in such matter until it is concluded.

The callers angrily indicated that such premature half-baked statement of no foul play from the strike of any imagination is definitely a gross and toxic recipe completely imbued repressively with lethal elements that are inimical to the rule of law and the butcher of unhampered justice.

Liberians are dying mysteriously and the results from investigations are most often questionable.  This has created a grim controversy that at one time, the deaths of two auditors of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) was rated boyfriend and girlfriend affairs, while Princess Cooper’s mysterious death, before calling for an autopsy moreover reached a conclusion of an investigation by terming it as no foul play.

Monday, March 28, 2022 a group of angry Liberians (both men and women) launched a protest at the ELWA junction chanting “we want justice, let the killings stop”, and branded the day Black Monday while another group was present at the Capitol to present a petition to the lawmakers relating to the mysterious deaths in the country with emphasis on Princess Cooper and Melvin Togba.

At this juncture, we join the many concerned Liberians to urge the government to move radically and be very robust in getting under the skin of the mysterious killings and bring the would-be perpetrators to book while ensuring security for all like in the day of the late Angel Togba, where the court was very busy, politicians on their toes, suspects arrested, prosecuted and sentenced and justice was given a bed of roses of fairness.  How many more Liberians must die mysteriously before the government realizes the urgency of the pathetic menace?

We believe that all Liberians must be protected under the law. With such death taking place, it puts fear in the minds of everyone, especially foreigners.  One foreigner may be moved to say: “if you can kill your own citizen, then how much about me? Enough is enough.

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