EDITORIAL: Mr. President: Address Omega market problem

The president of Liberia, His Excellency Dr. George M. Weah told Liberians and foreign residents when he took office in 2018 that Liberians will not be spectators in their own economy.

His statement was well received with cheers and jubilation. Indeed that was a very good statement by a young and exuberant leader coming to take over the affairs of Avoca’s oldest independent republic-Liberia.

Since making that statement, many years have come and gone. To ensure that these are actualized, he has decided to match his statement by deeds. So, he embarked on the construction of market buildings at various places. For instance, the Duport Road Market, Old Road Market, Omega and other places.

But recently, he instructed that all marketers in Red Light vacate the place, especially around the GobaChove and move to Omega market to sell. That was good. But before the people move there, almost everting should have been ready for the marketers.

Unfortunately, that was not the case at all. Rather, what we saw was the deployment of city police, police officers and other security officers to ensure that the mandate to vacate the red light market is followed to the later.

Mr. President, this is not the way to go about it. If indeed you want for your citizens to be partakers of their own economy, then the necessary things need to be done. But to fore the make into Omega market when nothing has been done, is ridicules and runs counter to what you said during your inauguration.

Currently, people are seen selling on the streets, on the side walk, and even in the places that do not have any shelters. Some even complained of harmful creatures attacking them while selling in unsafe environment.

Mr. president, remember those people, many of them voted for you. Today, not to pay keen attention to their plight does not speak well of you at all.

We call on you Mr. president, that those in charge of ensuring that such work is done, must work harder and not to embarrass your government. At the end of the day, they will not look at LACE, Public works or other entities, but rather, Mr. Weah. It is not their administration so they will not feel the heat.

Bearing these in mind, we call you to ensure that the Omega market problem is taken care of so that the marketers have better place to sell.

What is even appalling is security officers are seen with sticks and rattan beating sellers who sit along the side walk to sell. This is totally wrong. The sellers do not take pleasure in selling on the side walk. It is condition that made them to sell there. The condition, which we will attribute to your government’s inability to properly plan. Planning is important, Mr. President.

Had there been proper planning, all these traffic jam, placement of people at different places and beating of sellers will not take place.

No matter what the case maybe, Mr. president, it is about time that you ensure that the situation with Omega market is taken care of in the shortest possible time.

Any other thing short of this, Mr. president you will have yourself to blame.

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