EDITORIAL: Let’s Think Twice On War Crimes Court


It’s good to ensure that people, who committed heinous crimes and crimes against humanity during the brutal years in the country, pay for their actions in a specialized court of law, but we must think twice in making such decision.

We must think of the consequences, because some of those accused have their former soldiers who still believe in them up today’s date, arresting and judging them in their presence will create bitterness and they may go amok which will have the proclivity of carrying us in the ugly past.

If we were really serious as a country to embrace the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court, we should have called for such court during the presence of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) when the attention of the world was on us holistically.

During that time, Liberia’s security was on course, the country was considered an interest state because the UN was in total control.

There are few questions we should answer before the establishment of the court. What benefit will this court have on the country, people, economy, health, education, roads, and human capital? What risks is associated with this court and if there are risks, how can it be mitigated? Why the call now? Why the war crimes court now and not in the last twelve years?

We believe that these questions should be answered by all Liberians and the international community before the court can be established and we must think twice as people just returning from war.

At one of UN country’s report, it is stated that the security situation is still fragile. And if such a report is coming from the world body, then, there is a need for concern in this direction.

We think that establishing the court when Liberia is in charge of her own security would mean that we need to think twice before we can celebrate such decision or else, we might revert to the dark days because of the people associated with those listed for war and economic crimes.

It is clear that our peace is completely fragile as evidenced by disadvantaged youth roaming street corners, high level of armed robbery activities, weak judicial system, among others.  There are people in this country who will take advantage of such opportunity to ensure total fragility in the country.

Liberia is currently undergoing serious economic constraints that need the collective efforts of our international partners and resources that will be used for the court should be directed toward economic revitalization in the country.

The huge resources that will be used for the establishment and maintenance of the court can go towards the country’s health, education, roads, and security systems.

Before this court can be established, there is a need to do massive preparation, more public awareness should be carried out, the system should be seriously strengthened, setup all of the measures.

The establishment of the court shouldn’t be in a hurry because there is a need to think twice of what outcomes associated with this court.

We think it is about time to think twice before such court is established.

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