HISTORY ALWAYS REMINDS us (mankind) of the significance of Christmas as the time to reflect on the birth and life of Jesus Christ, the son of God presumed to have born around this time of the year, to share in the love and joy that occasioned his earthly advent, and most importantly to show love, joy and kind-heartedness with each other. Meditatively, three wise men from the East, as the Bible teaches, trekked long distances to see and adore the newly born King of Jews. They asked: “Where is he that was born King of Jews; we have come to worship him.” This is to say that Christmas is a serviceable platform for clear-headed and in-depth expression of goodwill and hospitality, considering the fact that Jesus was representation of good humanity.

 IT SHOULD PRICK anyone born of woman and man that it matters to portray a godly-character, public-spirited and philanthropic demeanor during this time of the year because the one being honored – the only begotten son of God- implored mankind to care for and love each other consistent with the word of God. Just as his Father mustered the courage to send him on earth to save mankind, so also he craves for love, joy and happiness amongst everyone. To demonstrate the true meaning of the Yuletide is beyond mere public showiness or ostentation, but real pragmatism and altruism.

WHILE LIGHTING THE National Christmas Tree few days ago, President George Manneh Weah reminded Liberians of the importance of the season: “Christmas is that time of the year when we show love and warmth with families and friends, and also reach out to neighbors.” He did not stop there but implored each and every Liberian to extend helping hands, to show care and charity to neighbors in consonance with the Holy Bible that teaches mankind to love their neighbors as they do unto themselves.

INARGUABLY, THE PRESIDENT’S call must be considered extremely fundamental to inculcating and encapsulating the true meaning of the Season in the national psyche, much more so as the quest for reconciliation, peace and unity continues to resonate in order to overcome these troubling times of division, selfishness and odium brought to bear by years of conflict, coupled with the trending bitter political season towards the 2023 elections.

WE JUDGE IT hardly salient that each and every Liberian adopts the attitude of giving, sharing love with one another, forgiving those who may have crossed our paths knowingly and unknowingly. Finding a place in our hearts in this time of the year cannot be overemphasized, because it is the will of God towards us, if we should fit in his plan and purpose. The biblical saying: he “who knows how to do good but does not, is not of God,” should signal how much is demanded of us in God’s master plan.

YES, IF CHRISTMAS means what it stands for in our hearts, it then becomes highly necessary and incumbent upon all of us to celebrate in love and joy, symbolizing the kind of sober and heartwarming atmosphere that occasioned the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem of Judea. If we choose to sow abhorrence and unkindness during this season, we shall also reap the same in return. The bible makes us to understand that what we sow is exactly what we stand to reap. We urge all Liberians to rise above unkindness and other ridiculous behaviors in place of love and care, as this is the call of God unto us during this period marking the birth of Jesus Christ. A period of celebration is the time for being a brother’s keeper. Merry Christmas and a prosperous happy New Year!!!!

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