EDITORIAL. Health Ministry Needs to work Harder

IN every country, the health of its citizens matter most. This  is so because  without  a healthy population, it affects the growth sector indirectly.

SO, one can say that development that health plays a Signiant part in every nation.

According to the 2021 budget in summary by economic classification,  the  health sector has  about US$89,303,492. Besides that, it receives support from international partners.

IT  has been said by many scholars that economic development’s most important indicator is the human factor.  This is also known as the human capital. Investments in human capital include the investments in human factor.  So, the health sector is very crucial. It is very critical  and important for that matter for the health  of people  to be taken seriously.

IN this line, the human capital and economic development are two concepts identified with each other.  There is no way you can leave one out from the other.

THE main factors of human capital are  seen as  health and education. These are  placed on the top in the development of  every  country; and Liberia is no exception.

MANY people did not know that we  had a bad  health system until the early Ebola various hit the country in 2014. It really exposed our  vulnerability. Many people may not know that  the health sector is one area that is well funded in the country. It is one  sector that has Significant  findings  from international partners.  When it comes to logistic, it has. For salaries, they pay  nurses  “chicken change”.    Many of these vehicles, for instance, are only given to  city dwellers, many of whom only attend small workshops  to  sign for  siting fees or other fees. When one takes visit to  some of the health facilities around the country, you will feel sad.

FOR example, the  Tappita hospital, one of the key referral hospitals, does not  have adequate  drugs. We want to  state here that the investments in health and education fields  can greatly  accelerate the economic development.

NOW, the COVId-19 pandemic  has come and affecting dozens of citizens  today.  The level  at which the Minister of Health is taking the fight against this virus, is not encouraging at all.

FIRST,  when the virus entered Liberia, the level of robustness expected from  the ministry headed by the  minister was not strong. This pandemic is nothing for one to play with.

WE  are calling on the  minister to be more robust in dealing with this situation.  Giving daily update while  the  number of infected people  keep   increasing, is not sufficient. For  example,  equip all health sectors in the country to be able  to fight  this disease, even increasing the salary of health workers and contractors  and other people will help.

THIS is not time to  do wait  and see  thing.  Act now madam minister.





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