EDITORIAL: Bicentennial Must Blossom Peace, Unity And Stability

While the Bicentennial, as part of its deep-rooted reflection is not only to look back to the rock from where the people were hewed but also to ensure that the fragmentations of broken dreams, hopes, aspirations, and the well-grounded sense of belonging are democratically packaged in the truest fashion of nationalism and patriotism; the emphasis on collective acceptance, harmony, and national co-existence remained solidified in further enhancing the cohesive spirit of unhindered peace, unity, and stability.

Now that the age-old barbaric, inhumane, and undignified chain of the infamous “slave trade” has been totally shackled into condemned debris of shame for the cruel patrons and beneficiaries of such historical scourge; and now writing this New Chapter of the absolute oneness of purpose of unity, pride, and genuine brotherhood; let us not loosely harbored and be carried away with half-baked toxic-driven qualms born out of perpetual hatred, micro-segregation and petit-discrimination rather the pages of the Bicentennial must be profoundly rooted in total peace and unity worthy of global admiration and emulation.

With this milestone occasion being a glorious opportunity and for many, a once lifetime has seen event, we must reshape and foster a significant path of upholding and making positively sure that this well-cherished peace, unity, harmony, and stability, stand side-by-side with the mighty ‘Lone Star” as the embodiment of peaceful collectivism under the rubric of “ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE”, without a second thought.

Realizing that this celebration of the Bicentennial is not just an event, but a year-long process, the accrued spirit of peace and oneness must encapsulate into a lasting image that will forever live and remain with u as a people and country with solidified unity being the foundation.

As we embark on this year-long journey, let us not be fooled into thinking that all is well. Now is the time to do the soul-searching; ensuring that no one is left out or by the wayside rather all hands must be on deck with keen interest and the sense of belonging; this page must be completely reflective of everything that is exclusively and uniquely us; we must hold it up together and give it all our best required from within and without and when this is done honestly and sincerely for ourselves and our country; indeed, while the stars proudly write our names, our statue will touch the sky.

At this juncture, the Management of The New Republic wholeheartedly welcomes this praiseworthy national agenda (development); hats off to the government and people of Liberia for this monumental national endeavor shall remain evergreen, and footprint shall not be removed or erased nor defaced from the sand of time no matter how tide rises or falls.

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