EDITORAL: Liberia’s ‘Archaic’ Health System

The greatest pride and relief to the archaic health system will be that era when the nation’s high profile personalities, be it from the political or private sectors can openly utilize the health facilities in the county without worrying about being flown out to another nations for medical attentions, except for personal choice or in the case of specialized procedures (surgeries).

The reason is simple and plain. There is a maxim: put your money where your mouth is or to stretch it further with a religious spin, a man heart is where his treasury is kept. What all this is saying is that to graduate from the inherited wrecked and dilapidated health system, will be the moment when we all as citizens with distinction, will proudly engage the medical services from our own country, and that can be done, when the government including all those with vested interest in doing business in the health sector, with all due respect, to live up to, and cope with the internationally accepted standards, are enforced in all the nation’s health facilities.

This will, and can only be done if the government and those desirous of investing in the health system can improve the already run-down facilities with well-trained medical doctors, professional nurses and medical practitioners, well equipped facilities established nationwide with the most requisite drugs, equipment, including specialists, well paid and facilitated to proudly and willingly accept the decentralized policy to avoid brain drain. This will indeed require unwavering political will-power if the people and nation will honestly and sincerely see a new day in the health system.

Shamefully, as it appears, that this nation got its Independence on July 26, 1847; Ghana got its Independence on March 6, 1957; keep carefully in mind that Liberia was at the forefront diplomatically and equally providing moral supports to Ghana and other sisterly countries to set themselves from th yoke and shackle of colonialism; paradoxically, it is the very Ghana almost all Liberians are rushing to for medical treatments and attention. The trained doctors and equipped health facilities Liberians are chasing after in Ghana did not appear out of utopian  miracle or through magical posture rather by long-range-vision, futuristic care and genuine love for the people and country and not just mere chanted slogan for political relevance as well as a full package to enhance the practice and sustain the medical process selflessly powered by unhindered political-will-power from the leader; so true, it is that Ghana we all run to or medical treatments, even if it becomes just fever, we are well on our way the next minute while quickly running away from our own unattended to health system.

Time and again we hear that health is wealth and so we challenge the government to make fruitful use of the nation’s immense and variety of resources and overhaul the entire health system throughout the country, and if possible, copy the positive and progressive aspects  that point to sustainability of the system on a long term basic when we all with the exception of personal choice or specialized medical attention not available in the country without lack of trust in the doctors and medical staff coupled with risking with archaic equipment.

Our collective interest, love and pride must now be wholly and solely attached to improving our health delivery system, although we have miserably, consistently and persistently failed to improve it or better it for credible service; and has equally so failed, us we must now begin to give it our all and very best to realize an improved, professionally serviceable and responsive beacon of health. We must do it because we owe it to ourselves, for too long, we have subscribed to the notorious notion that just how we make (treat) up our bed (health system) that’s how we’ll sleep on it…meaning that’s the treatment we get from such archaic health system is the result of what we get out. Garbage in garbage out. Simple as that.

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