Echo From Cyprus Appalling

MONROVIA-Reports emanating from the Gulf State of Cyprus say many young Liberians who have traveled to that Arab Nation to pursue better education are living in deplorable conditions.

Some of the young Liberians left the shores of Liberia some two to four years ago to acquire sound and quality in Bachelor of Arts Degrees, Master Degrees, and Ph.D. through a stinky online scholarship scheme.

But little that those young Liberians who were moving to Cyprus as the rush for gold in South Dakota in the United States of America, turned out to find themselves in a Catch-22 situation or dilemma and wanting to come back home.

When the news about the online scholarship of Cyprus spreads like wide fire, last year, the authorities at the Education Ministry raised an issue with a Cyprus Scholarship Scheme but later much was not heard again.

However, with the news about their conditions are being discussed in some quarters of Liberia, President George Weah has mandated the Justice and Education Ministries to deeply investigate to determine the individual or individuals and institutions or institutions involved in the Cyprus Scholarship Scheme.

According to Liberia’s Information Minister, Ledgerhood J. Rennie, President Weah wants to know those behind the scheme whether they are in Liberia or aboard.

Minister Rennie: “The investigation mandate by the Liberia Chief Executive is to bring to end such an alleged dubious scholarship scheme that has caused many young Liberians to travel to the Gulf State of Cyprus in pursue of education and are finding life very unbearable and difficult for them” .

Speaking Thursday in Monrovia at MICAT Regular Press Briefing the Information Ministry Boss indicated that President Weah is very much concerned about the dehumanization conditions of those young Liberians who are currently in Cyprus living under difficult circumstances, which in no way does not augur well for the young people of  Liberia.

In deliberation, the Government of Liberia through Minister Rennie strongly warned young Liberians to be careful of the online scholarship scheme, especially scholarship that has to do with the Gulf State of Cyprus.

He narrated:” Those young Liberians there are stranded, finding difficult to return home, finding difficult to get their daily living there and is indeed worrisome to the Liberian Leader”.

The Liberian Government Chief Spokesperson said any young Liberian wanting to seek a scholarship; especially an online scholarship must do in-depth or thorough investigations, looking at the merit and demerit of the scholarship program to ensure they are not caught up in the wrong web.

Minister Rennie also called on young Liberians scouting for online scholarship contact authorities at the Education Ministry to confirm whether or not that scholarship is real or genuine before they can apply, travel or send any money for their enrollment.

“I know there is the desire of many young Liberians to forward their education aboard but there are processes and genuine ways it can be done because there are several scholarships at the Education Ministry and if they applied, they luckily are selected, it will be good for them”.

Minister Rennie in concluding seriously warned the young Liberians not to jump into a dubious online scholarship that will endanger and jeopardize their lives as their fellow young people hastily did.

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