…Weato takes Kogar to task

MONROVIA-Ahead of the commencement of the second leg of the voter’s registration process which begins on April 21, 2023, Dr. Peter Weato, one of the contending aspirants in Buuyaa District # 8, Nimba County has alarmed at what he called early predetermined fraud masterminded by the incumbent, Representative Samuel Kogar.
Dr. Weato said Representative Kogar has infiltrated the rank of the Nimba County branch of the National Elections Commission, (NEC) thereby ensuring that over 90 percent of the NEC workers in Buuyao District #5 Nimba County, over 36 of them are his campaign team members, something he said signals the beginning of a sad day for the people of Buuyaa District. Weato said it is regrettable for a man who has lived the lifespan of two terms in the House of Representatives to be desperately seeking another term in such a dubious manner.
Meanwhile, Dr. Weato has issued a formal complaint before the Nimba Country Elections Magistrate, Mr.  Milton Paye who initially received and endorsed. However, it was strange and demeaning to all democratic tenets for his deputy, the Magistrate to place a call to Dr. Weato demanding he to notarize his complaint, before being accepted.

Dr. Weato is therefore asking the NEC to immediately intervene and abort the irregularities and bring credibility to the National Elections Commission.  “We are asking your honorable office to quickly withdraw and replace all Kogar’s political strategists, workers, and associates, to avoid conflict of interests that would curtail the emerging voter registration frauds which have the possibility to  rob credible voters in Buuyao  of their voices in government and negativity impact the results of elections in October 2023. He continued,  Weato earns, “”Please don’t delay in addressing our serious concern.  Let’s be patriotic and nationalistic in what we do because this country needs peace and harmony.

Buuyaa can no more afford to live with stage-managed representation, Weato assets that the political battle to free Buuyaa from self-seeking politicians must come to. an end.
At the same time The group calling itself Buuyao Concerned Citizens Movement (BUCCIM), through its Executive Chairman and activist, E. Frederick Baye,  with membership in Monrovia and across Nimba County is calling on the NEC to quickly intervene and arrest the obtaining situation within Nimba to avert impending possible Electoral violence.

The group says the immediate intervention of the NEC will bring the needed relief and avert possible chaos in the District.

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