Early Childhood Education Key To Nation Building

...Female Journalist Reminds Parents

By: Jamesetta D. Williams

MONROVIA-A Liberian female Journalist has reminded parents that early childhood education is key to nation-building including in Liberia.

Musu Sirleaf, Radio Director of the Liberia Broadcasting System, serving as Guest Speaker at a program marking the twenty-nine (29) Kindergarten graduation and elementary closing program, Madam Sirleaf said early childhood education is the foundation of a country’s developmental progress.

She used the event to urge parents not to relent in supporting their children’s education noting that they will  take on  the leadership of the country.

According  to  her,  no nation can develop without quality  education especially at the foundation level something  she emphasized that such  needs  a collative efforts by  parents and the government.

“The greatest thing you have begun is the early childhood education foundation for your children. Without a foundation, nothing can stand, this is a reality,” Madam Sirleaf stressed.

“Before the construction of the house the first thing the builders begin is the foundation, it’s the same with education” she indicated.

Encouraging parents further, Madam Sirleaf pointed out that Early Childhood foundation is very important for any child adding, “it’s the stage where the child can begin to learn how to talk well, read, write, identify things, among others to improve him or herself educationally, it’s basic, and solid.”

Commenting further Madam Sirleaf described education as a discipline that is concerned with methods of teaching and learning in schools.

She further called on the Liberian Government and parents to do everything by ensuring that no child leave behind without acquiring quality education.

“It must be the responsibility of parents, guardians and government to make the society literate which of course this government is poised in implementing with the help of both local and foreign partners,” she said.

She disclosed that most countries that are developed or developing nations can boast of the education of their populations, stressing that Liberia needs more educated people to carry out developments in all sectors.

Madam Sirleaf also use the event to express gratitude to the school’s administration for the meaningful role being played to commensurate the government’s efforts to make Liberia’s education sector viable.

She urged the graduate not to be complacent with the level of education obtained.

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