Dutch International Group IDH EVADES GOL Taxes?


Credible information reaching this online service has revealed that the Dutch based Charity; IDH which operates main in Western, North-Western and South-eastern Liberia is reportedly defrauding the Liberian Government through the Liberia Revenue Authority of its needed taxes which include withholding and Income taxes for the past four years.

Lizzy Van der Wal- Country Coordinator-Liberia-IDH

The government of The Netherlands supports IDH to accelerate market transformation towards sustainable supply chains. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has granted IDH an additional €100 million for the period 2015-2020 to co-fund private sector investments in sustainable market transformation in 11 commodity sectors.

The Dutch government also granted IDH € 20 million for the period 2015-2020 to pilot a landscape approach in six resource vulnerable landscapes. Since 2015, this landscape approach is also funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).

In South East Liberia, IDH links smallholder palm oil production with conserving forests and reducing poverty. According to IDH, it works with the Liberian government, Golden Veroleum Liberia or GVL, a palm oil company and the local community.

This means providing financial and technical support for communities to become palm oil outgrowers in exchange for protecting forests.

Specifically, IDH notes it develops outgrower models, fundraise for it and help put in place structures that are needed to make it work.

By 2020, the program will have developed over 8,000 hectares of sustainable outgrower palm oil farms and protected 70,000 hectares of forest.

According to our source, the International NGO is bent on raising tens of millions Euros in the name of helping Liberia and Liberians in the Country Oil-palm sector when it has been dodging lawful taxes.

Liberian President George Manneh Weah recently admonished international companies operating in Liberia to pay their taxes to the Liberian government so as to enable his government to meet up with its obligations to the Liberian People.

The organization was recently exposed by a whistleblower within the Liberia Revenue Authority who begged not to be named. Tax records shows that the organization is indebted to the Liberian government in huge sum of United States dollars.

The whistleblower said the Dutch based IDH has not paid a dime in taxes for the last four years. IDH, our source also revealed that it is operating from KIA Motors-Congo-Town office without a sign-board to locate the institution for fear that they might be tracked by the Liberian government.

This paper recently got a hint out from Lofa County and began an immediate investigation which also exposed the institution’s deliberate refusal to pay its withholding taxes for years of Operations’.

When contacted on the matter, IDH through its Liberia’s office could neither confirm nor deny the accusation against the entity, but told this paper they could transfer the inquiries to Headquarters in the Netherlands.

Our Investigation continues……

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