Duannah Kamara: “We Have Eighty Percent Losses To Theft, Leakage”

LWSC MD, Duannah Kamara

By Mark Mengonfia
Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) authorities say the institution is losing 80 Percent of expected revenues to thefts and leakages.
Duannah Kamara, LWSC Managing Director said, the institution is only trying to manage the remaining 20 percent to serve the general public.
“People carryout connection at night, some community members intentionally bust the pipelines, that is causing serious losses to LWSC,” Mr. Kamara said.
Appearing on Farbric Radio 101.1FM to respond to gains made by him and his team and to as well address allegations, Mr. Kamara indicated that to discourage criminals and track them down, they have planned to work with community leadership on a commission basis.
“We are talking with partners to have a department that will focus on leakages of pipes,” he said

Kamara added that “while we await the partners, community leaderships are going to be assigned to help in the process.”
According to Mr. Kamara, to be connected through the right process is going to save Liberians more money than using the wrong means.
He said, if an individual’s home is connected by the right authorities of LWSC, that customer stands to benefit more on grounds that illegal means are expensive than the right processes.
He indicated that plans are being worked out to ensure that the LWSC moves from post pay to pre pay, a system he said will serve best for Liberians and the institution as well.
He said all their recent connections done after President George Weah made the pronouncement of provisions of water for Liberians, they have provided meters to customers to help them quickly migrate from post pay to pre pay.
Speaking additionally, he said US$20 million has also been earmarked to improve on the sewerage system of Liberia.
“The current sewerage system we have runs from New Kru Town and stops at Nigeria House,” Kamara intoned.
He furthered that the negotiation for the US$20 million was ongoing when Coronavirus broke out in the world.
He indicated that when the deal is completely done, the LWSC management is going to improve on the current sewerage system of Liberia.
He indicated that presently, they as an institution have the total of 900 customers.
“When we took over, we saw 400 on the book,but we have managed to get 900 persons connected on our lines that we can take bills to at the end of the month,” Mr. Kamara said.
Mr. Kamara as the head of the LWSC decried the willful use of the sewerage system by some Liberians to dump dirt something he said is causing serious problem for the institution.
He used the interview to called on Liberians and residents of the country to follow the proper procedures by registering at the offices of LWSC.
Responding to recent allegations against the LWSC, Mr. Kamara said he was taken aback to have heard that a huge consignment of gasoline was stolen by some of his deputies.
He said the generator the institution is using to pump water to central Monrovia uses 8,000 gallons of Petro per day adding that in no way they can cause setback to the Institution when in fact they want to improve on it.
He also said that they are moving logistics to counties they have planned to extend to stressing “we have the right to move logistics.”
Sensing anger in his tone, he said “the allegations is a complete nonsense, total nonsense. What the hell I will be doing out that kind of the night, you think I do not have respect for my life.”

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