Dual Citizenship Walhalla


By R Joyclyn Wea

The issue of dual citizenship has been a debate in the public sphere for the last three years but resurfaced in late January of this year by the Liberian President George Weah.

There are two sides of the debate; other are saying it would bring speedy growth and development to Liberia; while others fear that if one holds dual citizenship, he or she will not be loyal to the country to that extend and if employed and alleged of corrupting the country’s money that person might run to America for cover-up like the case with the Former RIA Boss Ellen Cockrum.

When Corkum was indicted by the government of Liberia for allegedly stealing money from the coffer of the airport, she went to the United States while the trial was on and up to date there have been no outcome of that matter.

There are others who also criticized President George Weah the regarding issue on grounds that the country problem is not with dual citizenship, but rather stabilizing the economy, road connectivity, and agriculture among other things.

Speaking with citizens on the issue in Monrovia,

Victor Johnson, Student, University Victor Johnson: “I do not support the dual citizenship because it marginalizes us. Liberians do not have money; the man who has money uses his money to enslave the people. What happens to us when a white man or multi-million who was born in the US or Europe comes to Liberia where will our children future be tomorrow. So I think all of us Liberians need to work together to bring about the kind of development our country needs,” Johnson.

  1. Sudue Momo: “I support dual citizenship because there is dual citizenship currently in Liberia in disguised. Some of our government officials and leaders are holding American passport so let legalize it and move on and see what changes this will bring to the country. Most of these things are done based on universal demand and we must comply with the global demands of practicing some of these things.”

Melma Kessellee: Business woman: “We already have the problem with land in Liberia when this is passed, it will increase the situation in that the common people would not have a place to stay because they would be denied access to land. Liberians should not just buy into the idea now but must first recognize consequences and challenges it pose to the future generation.”

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