“Dried Bone Regains Flesh”

…As Supt. Vincent Describes Grand Cape Mount County

By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-Grand Cape Mount County Superintendent, Aaron B. Vincent has described the County as “dried bone” that has regained its flesh under the Leadership of President George M. Weah, since its foundation.

Speaking Thursday, March 9, 2023, at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism’s (MICAT) Regular Press Briefing, Superintendent Vincent noted that the County has been among those Counties that were far to reach during past Administrations.

Superintendent Vincent mentioned that under the Leadership of President Weah, the County has reawakened from what he called “grass to grace.”

“Some areas in Grand Cape Mount County have been far to reach under past leadership” he revealed.

The Superintendent of Grand Cape Mount County acknowledged the Liberian Leader for reaching out to the people of Cape Mount County during his visit to the County.

“The dry bone regrinds flesh for the first time,” he stressed.

He disclosed that President Weah, those promises of the Liberian leader to connect major roads in the County and give electricity to the people of Grand Cape Mount has arrived finally. 

He noted that the people of Grand Cape Mount County now have electricity in every town and village.

“The Liberian Leader, President Weah assured the people of Cape Mount County that every town and village of the County will have roads that will connect those villages and towns,” he stressed.

Vincent narrated that when taken over as superintendent on June 29, 2017; the leadership met some broken pieces from the past administration of the County.

“Today, those broken pieces of Grand Cape Mount County have reawakened from the dust,” he recounted.

He mentioned that for the first in the history of Grand Cape Mount County, local town chiefs to be moved using their own motorbikes and vehicles. 

“It was due to the visitation of President Weah in the County that created that opportunity for the local town chief of Grand Cape Mount,” he added.

According to him, every local chief in various towns and villages now has access to reaching out to those far to-reach places.

“All thinks to President Weah,” he praised.

He maintained that Grand Cape Mount has benefited immensely from the promises made by President Weah.

“Our chiefs now have motorbikes that are assigned to them for easy access to those far-to-reach towns and villages in the County,” he recounted.

According to Vincent, the County is on its way to benefit from President Weah a modern market building at Bo-Water Side.

“Today, the market building is been built waiting for dedication,” he revealed.

He added that the Liberian leader promised to build a center for the women and youths of the county something the superintendent said has been achieved.

“Today, the center is built and waiting to be dedicated by the President,” he assured.

Superintendent Vincent mentioned that during President Weah’s County visit, he requested Bea Mountain Company to construct the road from Kinjo to Downtown which the company did.

He said, “Today, the road is constructed by the company.”

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