Dramatic Turn In Charloe Musu’s Murder Case

The ongoing trial of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott and three other family members allegedly involved in the murder of her daughter, Charloe Musu has taken another twist.

A Nigerian born US pathologist forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Charloe Musu took the witness stand on Tuesday morning, December 12, 2023, and testified that there was no female blood sample found in Charloe Musu DNA profile which said DNA findings that shows she was allegedly murdered by a male intruder.

The foreign Pathologist’s latest conclusion contradicts the one reached earlier by the first autopsy done by a team of Liberian Pathologists.

Last month (November) two foreign pathologists including a Forensic investigator and a Registered Nurse have conducted the second autopsy on the remains of murdered Charloe Musu at the St. Moses Funeral Parlor.

‘Testifying in Criminal Court “A,” the Pathologist said, “There is a male who may have been more likely the intruder or invader of the house who caused the injury or death of the victim,” Dr. Mathias Okoye further testified.

He added, “The percentage confidence is more than 99.9% and 1 out of a billion, the use of YSTR DNA amplification and PCR is that even if the suspect doesn’t volunteer to give his specimen, his father or grandfather or male cousin can also be linked with the YSTR DNA profile.

This latest testimony of Dr. Okoye contradicts the initial findings of Dr. Benedict Kolee, Chief Pathologist at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center.

Dr. Kolee in his DNA analysis claimed that there were no Y chromosomes (male DNA) identified, “the DNA analysis done that everything was female and there is no male identity. “ However, Dr. Okoye claimed that Dr. Kolee’s findings are not actually DNA analysis instead it is chromosomes koriopiate.

“You can do Kariopiate of a nuclear of chrome to know whether somebody is a male or female; it is used in paternity testing and to know whether it is female or male. The next steps of DNA analysis according to Dr. Okoye, you have to get the DNA molecule from the gene and extract it, replicate it and then amplified it with a polymerase chain reaction (PCR),” he added.

“So that way, that is what we used here in order to get the analysis, if we used chromosomes charisia type, we will not arrive at the inclusion of a male being a minor contributor with the left hand of the deceased. Now we got the STR means short Tandem Repeats that means amplification, we install it, it can be kept for twenty years and we can get anyone anytime,” the Pathologist noted.

According to Dr. Okoye, the finger nails clipping on the left hand of the victim identified it as a foreign male contributor. “The swap of the blood spattered of the house way we then analyzed it is all consistent with those of Charloe Musu with no other contributor.”

“The swap of the blood spattered from the guest room window showed that there is no major DNA profile identified,” he added.

Also, the foreign pathologist testified that the swap of blood from the bed sheet of Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott bedroom all show Charloe Musu those of Charloe Musu DNA profile.

“Charloe Musu’s DNA profile is a complete exclusion of Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, Gertrude Newton, Rebecca Winser Yonder and Alice Johnson blood sample but are consistent with Charloe Musu because we got the DNA blood sample from the floor, house way, children room and Cllr. Scott room and her bathroom,” the Pathologist noted.

He added, “We also compared the defendants blood sample with the finger nail clipping from Charloe Musu, the only foreign DNA profile is that of minor contributor by a male in a finger nail profile of the left hand and now we have YSTR that we can use to match any suspect even a male who was at the scene during the night of February 22, 2023 which time Charloe Musu was murdered in the premises of defendant Scott.”

Dr. Okoye during his testimony pointed out that at the time of the second autopsy, there were multiple traumatic injuries on the body of Charloe Musu and there was a blunt force trauma to the back of the head which measured about 6 inches, the largest diameter when the scalp was reflected on the back of her head. He furthered that there was a lot of humarage within the scalp.

He added that there was also injury to the upper part; this was 10 inches which also contained the largest diameter. These injuries, the one at the back of her head and the one at her head was initial injuries suffered by the victim and this was caused by heavy blunt force weapon like a steel bar or iron bar and this needed a lot of force to cause this injury and also excessive force to cause this injuries and this particular wound had a lot of blood clause within the skeleton muscles when dissected the upper part.

This latest testimony by Dr. Okoye contradicts the police report that it was knife used in the commission of the crime by Cllr. Scott and her family members.

The foreign Pathologist maintained that the findings are consistent with a cause of death of multiple blunt force trauma and scalp wound with completed humarage and the manner of death is homicide.

“My opinion is that these wounds are multiples and caused by one individual or intruder into the home and this intruder is someone who is consistent to be a male and muscular and the defendants none of them would individually cause this wound on this victim because the victim is young, 29 years was 5ft 4in tall and estimated weight of 190pb,” he further testified.

Dr. Okoye testified that the older defendant (Cllr. Scott) cannot individually cause this because of age she is younger. The younger cannot cause this on her without her causing serious injuries on these defendants. Also even if the defendants jointly combined to attack because of her young age, she fifthly vigorously and injured a muscle that they could have multiple injuries and also if all of them joined her, they could have cause her more injuries than what she had now.

The foreign forensic pathologist also made a flip chart presentation with Charloe Musu drawing on a poster sheet to demonstrate what led to her death.

Dr. Okoye obtained a certificate as specialist by the American Board of Pathologist in the field of Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology and he’s a Chief Medical Examiner in Forensic Pathology in Baltimore, Maryland.

He is a professor of Psychology and also a Psychologist and Forensic Psychologist with many others qualifications in pathology investigations.

Dr. Okoye has performed autopsies which include 2008 a second intimation autopsy on Angel Togba, 2008 and 2009 a thirteen-year-old child, the second case was first autopsy on Harry Greaves that was in 2016 and the third one was on Victoria Zayzay in 2016 and now Charloe Musu on November 9,2023.

As a Forensic Psychologist, he has investigated over 20,000 cases and has certified deaths in those numbers. He has also performed and supervised over 15,000 autopsies and has been consulted in over 5,000 cases as a Forensic Psychologist in his career of 42 years plus.

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