Dr. Cassell Developments are Deceptive

…..Wilmot Paye Indicates


By: Washington  Tumay  Watson o-newash9@gmail.com

MONROVIA-The Embattled National Chairman of the newest opposition People Liberation Party (PLP) Wilmot Paye has alleged that the funder and political leader of the PLP Dr. Daniel Cassell developmental projects are all link to his personal interest describing such as action of deception.

Mr. Paye  said most of Dr. Cassell’s  projects  are focus on his businesses  that he  is running  in Liberia  that include  transportation, mining , farming  among  others .

Speaking Monday on the State Radio the LPL Political Leader Dr. Cassell said he and the party have under taken lots of developmental projects in Margibi, Grand Cape Mount, Grand Bassa and Montserrado counties respectively.

According to him, the LPL undertook through his support construction of a farm to market road and bridge in Margibi including market.

Dr. Cassell further said the LPL through him, constructed a road within Grand Cape Mount County.

The LPL Political leader also disclosed that  he has awarded scholarships  to numerous   Liberians  across  the country  including  the availability  of low cost of transportation through  his buses  for Liberians  who  are face  with  serious economic  constrained.

But  the embattle Chairman Paye  who was appointed    by  Dr. Cassell  , and was  removed by him , Paye  alleged that   Dr. Cassell registrar  the various buses   in his brother in law name, an action  that he differ with Dr. Cassell  describing  it as deception and corruption .

He said the road that Dr. Cassell constructed in John Logan Town in Grand Bassa County is going to his mining project including Grand Cape respectively.

Additionally, Mr. Paye narrated that the bridge project that was undertaken by Dr. Cassell  in Margibi County   is linking   to his farm project and not only because of  the country.

Paye said  he differ with  the LPL Political leader  on  the principle  of honesty ,stressing  that  Dr. Cassell  is working  in deception.


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