Dr. Bill Twehway is constrained (as these are exceptional circumstances) to hereby inform the Liberian people that he hasNO HANDin the death of his very dear friend Emmanuel Barten Nyenswua-and will never, ever have a hand in any death of any Liberian for that matter. Dr. Twehway further avers that the vomit being coughed out by a lowlife called Costa is probably induced by his schizophrenic conditions.

Firstly, who is Costa: a blackmailer par excellence! A fugitive from Liberian justice on the basis of forged documentation; a known extortionist whose actions have been proven repeatedly by the many he has defrauded; a delinquent father to a handsome toddler boy and an alleged clinically certified schizophrenic. 

Lest we forget his true intentions, this same Costa is a major opposition operative (under the paid agency of alleged arms runner Benoni Urey) whose only interest is to dethrone the current masses-induced government under the leadership of the H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah.   

We MUST also ask: Who is Dr. Bill Twehway? A poor Bassa boy who went without shoes until the age of seven; a dedicated educationalist who diligently served the Catholic educational system for 20 unbroken years-teaching high school students in Grand Bassa, Rivercess and Montserrado County; a lawmaker of repute who Chaired the Education Committee of the Lower House of Representatives.

Affectionately known as The Elephantbecause of his gargantuan appetite for literary devices, Dr. Bill Twehway is a mentor to thousands of illustrious young Liberians to include the Late Hon. Munah Pelham Youngblood (former Representative District 9), Hon. P. Garswa Jackson (Vice President for Fiscal Affairs, University of Liberia), Hon. Ellen Attoh (Representative/Margibi County), Hon. Roseline Suacoco Dennis (Representative, District 4, Motserrado), Dr. Toga Cooper and Dr. Matthew Manneh to name just a few. 

It is public knowledge that the decrepit Unity Party regime uselessly bankrolled Costa through the payroll system of the National Port Authority (NPA), paying him a monthly allowance of 5000 UNITED STATES DOLLARSfor doing nothing except to ensure that he kept silent on the many excesses of the former regime but also to viciously attack and vilify regime critiques. 

This modus operandi has not changed!

Fortunately, this paid character assassin’s name was promptly removed from the payroll of the NPA upon the assumption of duties by Dr. Bill Twehway as Managing Director of the NPA, obviously leading to anger, disillusionment (as he does not hold down a current paying job in the United States), frustration and now revenge leading to the current unsubstantiated wave of hate messages and character assassination that he is currently spewing against the person of Dr. Bill Twehway.

NPA Boss

Dr. Bill Twehway would have elected to allow this foolish diatribe from the delinquent father (Costa)to pass as one of his many nonsensical and fact-less monologues the character assassin vomits on his facebook page. However, these allegations border not only on the reputation of Dr. Twehway but has also ENDANGERED his LIFE AND PERSONAL SAFETYas well as the relationships he has built with countless peers, students, public servants, leaders over many years of diligent public and private service to the Liberian people.  

Therefore, in the coming days, Dr. Twehway will ASSESS AND PURSUE ALL LEGAL REMEDIESafforded him AS A PRIVATE CITIZENin any jurisdiction governed by the rule of law.


The Dr. Bill Twehway Secretariat (October 14, 2020)

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