Don’t Want A Gay President

..says pyj

MONROVIA–Nimba County’s Senator Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ) has pointed out Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader, Mr Alexander Cummings for being the mastermind of the Magnesky sanction imposed on him and several officials of government and narrated that Cummings is angry at him for not supporting him for the presidency.

Sen. Johnson clearly stated that Cummings has contributed over 50 thousand United States dollars to his university and has visited him at his residence over five times to seek his support but has refused because he claims Cummings is gay. His allegation was not backed by any evidence. But senator johnson is noted for making huge allegations =. for instance, he said at one point that former vice president, joseph Boakai is living on battery and was unfit to be president. He also accused former president, Ellen Johsnon Sirleaf  of being corrupt and devilish.

“I don’t want a gay president because I’m a pastor. Cummings wants me out of the election to have a free ride“. Sen. Johnson said.

According to him, Cummings during the previous presidential election at a debate stated that he Cummings said that he is not a gay, but supports gay’s rights. Sen., Johnson also added that Cummings and his team has decided to carry Sen. Jeramiah Koon from Nimba County as Cummings’ running mate, and that Koon has told him, and he told Koon not to accept such offer from an evil place runs by  a gay associate.

He made this statement on Saturday, September 17, 2022 on the Spoon Talk program.

Meanwhile, the Montserrado County district #4 Representative, Madam Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis has accused her legislative colleague, Sen. Prince Y Johnson of attempting to have her murdered.

Serving as guest on a local radio talk show, Representative Dennis narrated that she has received several threats from the Senator via text message dating the 5th, 9th and 10th of September 2022 which she disclosed that one content of the Senator’s message was giving her an ultimatum to either support, abstain or keep quiet from always going against his personality and his bill to grant his university charter that will make his institution recognized and eligible for subsidy from government.

According to her, she did not see the Senator at her house but his nonstop posture to get at her and the recent incident that happened at her home where her ceiling and doors were burst into but nothing was taken away by the intruder has brought her to the conclusion of accusing Sen. Johnson of wanting to take away her life.

“I am dealing with someone that has killed lot of people “. she said .

Representative Dennis said she objected the bill because of Sen. Johnson’s war crimes and human rights violation records and not because of personal reasons. She calls on him to drop his name from the institution and rename it after Nimaba County or a prominent citizen of the county if he’s sincere about the love he professes for Nimba.

She added that her action against the bill was based on the students’ academic future outside Liberia when aiming for a higher level of education. She mentioned that Sen. Johnson has injured the image of Liberia with his bad record and that students who graduate from his university will not be taken seriously possibly be denied of entry into university outside Liberia because of the name he attached to the institution. She claims he’s evil and doesn’t have the mental capacity to run a school.

“He’s not a normal human being, he killed a whole president and keeps intimidating Presidents”. Rep. Dennis said.

She has maintained that she will continue to attack the Senator when his ordeal is against the country and promises to continue the call for the War and Economic Crimes court.

Additionally, she clarified that her stance is not only about Sen. Johnson but about all ex warlords and stated that she is going to engage the National Election Commission (NEC), the United States Embassy in Monrovia and the European Union to give reasons why actors of the war and Sanctioned officials of government should not participate in the upcoming general and presidential election.

Sennator Prince johnson

She frowned on President George Weah for naming part of the Invincible Park after ex-rebel leader of ULIMO K, the late professor Alhaji Kromah even though she thanked the president for the project.

In his response to Rep. Dennis, Senator Prince Y Johnson has branded her accusation as a falsehood and a blatant lie.

He said after he applied for a charter status for his institution and was told that Rep. Dennis was strongly against the bill, he asked Representatives Solomon George, Thomas Fallah and Dorwohn Gleekia who are her colleagues in the lower house to convince her about the bill. He announced that he later took Representative Dennis cellphone number from nimba county district #6 representative Dorwohn Gleekia and reached out to her through text messages.

Senator Johnson denied threatening Rep. Dennis but said he kindly ask to meet her in person and pleaded with her to stop her constant attack on his personality and deviating from the real issues on hand.

“Not because I fought means I am a killer. You are using the money with Doe picture on it who government was tyrannical. You are part of Urey party who bought weapons for us but you cannot leave the past behind”. He said.

He urged the representative to find out the cause for which he took part in the war a called himself a freedom fighter and not a warlord. Senator Johnson said the constant attack from members of the opposition is only because he chose to support President George Weah and not a candidate from their side.


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