Don’t Vote To Regret

As the campaign for the October 10, 2023,  Presidential and Legislative intensifies in the country, incumbent President George Manneh Weah has told thousands of citizens in Gbarpolu County, Western Liberia not to vote for a candidate and then regret it later.

President Weah made the call in apparent reference to former Vice President, Joseph Boakai who served for 12 years; though he did not mention the former Vice President’s name.

He made the statement on Saturday in Bopolu the capital of Gbarpolu County.

President Weah is on his campaign tour ahead of the official launch of his 2023 nationwide campaign slated for early next month.

“Do not vote to regret. Vote for a person who has produced tangibles; a person who has done intensify lot more in less than six years than those who were in power for 12 years,” he said.

Liberians are expected to go to the pools on October 10, 2023. There are about twenty presidential candidates expected to contest in elections.

President Weah’s main contender is the former Vice President of Liberia, Joseph N. Boakai. At one of the presidential debates, Boakai told supporters in 2017 that they had golden opportunity but was squandered by his administration.

“Do not vote to regret.  Some people were in power for 12 years and they squandered lot of opportunities. They said it. What they could not do in 12 years when they had the chance, they want to come and do? You must me joking,” he added.

“Give me my second term let me finish my work. I’m workaholic, give me my second term mandate,” he called on them.

President Weah has been credited for constructing and the rehabilitation of roads, erection of   referral hospitals in Western Liberia and eastern Liberia. Some citizens expressed their satisfaction over the level of development by the President Weah.

“I think this president has done a lot for us than those who were there for 12 years and more. See here Gbarpolu, he built the Emirate Hospital and the 14 Military Hospital in Margibi County. Mr. Boakai and his people were in power for 12 years and did nothing for us here,” Daniel Folley, a student said.

In recent times, there has been jabs throwing between the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the opposition Unity Party (UP) which continues  to heighten days after former Vice President Joseph N.  Boakai promised to roundup ‘small, small looters who amass government money for self-enrichment as president of Liberia.’

The jab apparently thrown at officials of the ruling CDC has not gone unnoticed.

On his northwestern Liberia, Gbarpolu County leg of campaign, incumbent President George Weah has fired another closed shot of jab at UP-Boakai declaring to be the ‘real rescuer.’

President Weah told a massive gathering of CDC partisans and sympathizers that his immeasurable work done over the years is real-time evidence that he is the real rescuer.

The Liberian leader seeking a second term stated that he is more workaholic than members of the Unity Party claiming to be rescue train when they’ve wasted twelve years in comparison to the level of work done by the CDC within the last five years that propels it for another second chance to continue the unprecedented development initiatives across the country.

I’m workaholic, give me my second term mandate,” President Weah told Gbarpolu citizens.

He assured the people of Western Liberia during his campaign tour that he will work in their interest and will not let them down. “Give me my second term let me finish my work,” President Weah said.

He promised to prioritize the pavement of the Gbarpolu road under his second term mandate.

Gbarpolu County established over two decades ago is one of the underdeveloped counties in Liberia as inaccessibility and hardship are unending challenges the people of the county are faced with but unlike before, the current government has now given them some hope.

The operations of the modern Emirates Hospital, the electrification of major streets in Gbarma, free tuition for public university students and WASSCE fees as well as the construction of roads across the country are tangible developments and more that warrants his reelection,” Weah emphasized.

According to him, he is a record breaker and will do all to break all records in order to put smiles on the faces of his people

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