‘Don’t Give Weah Second Term” -As Cummings Expresses Concern Over PYJ’s Revelations


The chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) says Liberians should not allow President George Weah to win his second term as president of the Republic of Liberia.

Alexander Cummings’ comments come a week after Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson made a sparkling revelation that the sole intent of the impending referendum is to enable President Weah to go for his third term as president instead of the constitutional term [two].

Speaking on Okay FM Monday November 9, 2020, Cummings also said it is important to have a National Elections Commission (NEC) that is independent ahead of the impending December 8, 2020  Special Senatorial Elections.

Cummings said “Prince Johnson is likely an insider. He supported President Weah and so, we should take heed to suspicion to what he thinks is going on here. It’s up to the Liberian people to make sure that President doesn’t even go for a second term. This is while it is important that we have a National Elections Commission that is independent and have the capacity and capability of the resources to conduct free, fair and transparent elections.”

“If that happens, I don’t believe the Liberian people will reelect President Weah. But that is a concern and that’s the suspicion we have and we should give the Liberian people time to think about the referendum in the reduction of the tenure. We are not against it.”

Office of the President:

Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Smith Toby recently said the Senator and the Liberian leader have had no conversation on such, but it was he [Prince Johnson] opinion.

Toby further said “All Liberians get their own way of interpreting what the referendum entails, so, we will not be responding to all the people who will say because the President wants to be in power for the third term or less. Everybody gets their own analysis.”

“So, it’s for people to go to the referendum to vote Yes or No. That man is a statesman and he has his own assessment to anything that happens in this country,” he said.

Deputy Minister Eugene Fahngon-MICAT:

Also speaking, Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs, Eugene Fahngon dismissed such insinuations saying “You want to be in office for a long time and you reducing your time already? That’s the actual fact. It’s not a secret. For the referendum, President Weah is saying my first term is six and I want my second term to be five and every other term after that is five. Our constitution is clear and it says two terms for president and we will respect that and if there is a need for a third term, you and I must agreed and that cannot be a secret.”

“Therefore, we don’t know from whence the Senator got his idea or who told him the secret. But what we have on the paper is clear and what we have in the constitution is clear also,” Deputy Minister Fahngon added.   

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