‘Don’t Daydream’


-Nimba Kwado Chair Warns Those Calling For The Division of Nimba

By T. Saye Goinleh

The national vice chairman of the umbrella group for Nimba County citizens’ associations in Liberia, “Nimba Kwado’’ (Nimbaians we are all one) has announced that those who are contemplating on the separation of the county dream will never see the light of day as long as his organization is operating in the country.

According to Rev. Edward Wawue, Nimba citizens who are in the vanguard of the future division of the county are on a “wild-goose chase’’ (impossible mission), describing them as mere secessionists whose actual intent for this venture still remains unclear even up to now as they continue to roam around with their ideology.

This assertion by Rev. Wawue was contained in a statement he delivered recently in the Peace Island Community in Congo Town when he served as keynote speaker at a mass meeting and fundraising program organized by the local leadership of “Nimba Kwado” Congo Town branch.

He admonished the people of the county everywhere that united they will surely stand and divided Nimba is likely to fall apart; making a clear reference to black South Africans that despite the late President Nelson Mandela being incarcerated on Robin Island for twenty-seven years, those back home kept together for the sole perseverance of liberation.

“We will make sure that any Bill in whatever form that is presented to the House of Representatives will be defeated and thrown in the dust bin so that our people can remain to be one Nimba County,” Rev. Wawue declared.

Meanwhile, the group has planned to travel to Nimba with a high-power delegation this month to have townhall meetings in Bahn, Zoe-Geh District and Nyansein in Saclepea District to sensitize citizens of the county about the dangers of separating the region into three parts as being proffered by others in the society.

At the same time, “Nimba Kwado is contemplating on petitioning the two houses of the National Legislature before the end of July 2018 not to give credence to anyone that may in the future present a counter dossier in that direction; because according to them, the organization represents the popular views of the populace of Nimba with branches in all of the fifteen counties of Liberia.

Those Nimbaians who are opting for the division of the county are under the banner, “Equity’’ and according to them, their intent is not to divide the County, but to make Nimba a region with three different sections, namely Northern, Central and Lower Nimba.

The “Equity’’ bloc is claiming that Nimba is being cheated when it comes to the distribution of the county development funds around the country because in their words, despite her mammoth population and huge revenue generation for central government, she in return receive minute share.

In counter argument, ‘’NADON’’ (Nimbaians Against the Division of Nimba), the clique opposing separation of the county is expressing that breaking apart Nimba will diminish her strength as a great county; disunity among the people will gradually creep in and the massive development presently going on in the county will ultimately slow down rapidly.

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