“Don’t Allow Anybody Limit Your Potential”

By Mark B. Dumbar 

As the Presidential and Legislative Elections draw near, the Standard-bearer of the  Liberian National Union Party (LINU), Clarence K. Moniba has cautioned Liberians not to allow anybody to limit their potential as Liberians to vote for a better chance which will bring transformation in Liberia.

According to him, the younger generation of Liberia needs to believe in themselves to have their vision come through as they elect the rightful leaders. Mr. Moniba said the future of Liberia is in the hands of every young Liberian to ensure that the decisions they make will have a positive impact on their lives and the nation’s at-large.

He further stated that Liberians should not allow anybody to limit their potential as great people of a great nation. Mr. Moniba pointed out that the time is here for every younger generation of Liberia to rise and take the power of authority.

“To the people of my generation, I want us to take the responsibility to change our country,” he added.

He mentioned that the younger generation must believe they have a more significant opportunity to change Liberia. “Are you ready for our generation to take leadership?” he added.

Mr. Moniba further stated that the only reason that the Liberian National Union (LINU) will not get to the second round is that the young people of Liberia do not believe in themselves. He pointed out that if they believe in our ability to transform this country to another level; we will not only get to the second round but also win.

“I am calling on the young people of Liberia to vote for us as young people too,” he added. The Standard-bearer mentioned that 85% of young people who are Liberians should believe in themselves and believe in their leadership that we can transform this country.

“So, every young Liberian should please join the winning team to see new changes,” he encouraged.

Mr. Moniba disclosed that the Liberian National Union can bring the real changes that every Liberian has been waiting for. “We should not allow ourselves to be taken care of by other people from different countries,” he warned.

According to him, the Liberian National Union (LINU) is fighting to govern the country and to prove to the older generation that the young generation can change the nation.He mentioned that when elected as President of Liberia, his party would support the War and Economic Crimes Court in his third year as leader to investigate some of the officials in his administration.

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