Dixville Begins To Smile Again

-As Public Works Reliefs Residents Of Bad Road

MONROVIA- The long-awaited completion of the Dixvillle to Caldwell Road is now ongoing by the Ministry of Public Works.

Public Works Minister, Ruth Cooker-Collins who just went for conformation at the Liberian Senate, previously told Liberians that the government was going to work on that corridor to give access to commuters to freely move without challenges.

Recently, the Dixvillle to Caldwell Road in Montserrado County was inaccessible for commercial drives mostly buses and other lower vehicles due to the deplorable condition.

According to our reporter who visited the area recently, the road was only pliable by trucks thus causing a serious problem for those living in that area to commute.

With the pronouncement by Public Works Minister-designate in line with the Ministry’s plans, earth moving equipment is now working to ensure that pavement of that road since the administration of former President,  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

According to her, President George M. Weah’s decision to connect all roads across the country through pavement is in reveres with the support given by him during one of her appearances at the Ministry of Information press conference.

Speaking to our reporter who visited the area, a resident of the Dixvillle, Joseph Roberson expressed gratitude to the government for undertaking such a notable venture that will relieve them from difficulties.

He said most of the time they have to work long distances back and forth in Caldwell due to the (cutoff) bad road conditions.

Roberson said with the pavement of the road by the government through the Ministry of Public Works, they will now enjoy the government’s developmental programs as people who use that corridor.

He said, for too long they have been suffering from such a deplorable road as if they were in rural Liberia.

Roberson also wants the government to put into place a road safety program when completed to avoid the speeding of trucks and other motorists on that road

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