Disunity Avert Lofa Development

Momo Cyrus Emphasized

By: Washington Tumay -onewash9@gmail.com

MONROVIA-A former senatorial candidate in the recent Lofa County Senatorial By-election, Momo Cyrus said the county is faced with serious disunity that has been negatively affecting the developmental growth of the county.

Mr. Cyrus wants the people of Lofa mostly the leaders to be united for the county to experience rapid development.

Speaking on State Radio Monday Aprile 17, 2023, Cyrus said his quest for Lofa is unity at all levels among the people.

“If we are united, not divided, not tearing each other apart irrespective of our political differences, I mean we are all humans, we can all have differences but let  the county  be  the common denominator, I always say unity  is key “he noted

He told the media that unity is totally lacking among the people of Lofa County due to political differences.

The Security expert further noted that at the level of the Lofa County legislative caucus disunity is key among them.

“When one person says something in the caucus the other members in the caucus will say no and that is suffering Lofa, “ he said.

He narrated that the county sports stadium project which has been built is facing serious problems relating to the payment of the contractors to the refusal of some members of the county legislative caucus to sign while others have signed for the payment.

According to him, the Sports stadium project was pre-finance by the contractor who needs his payment in line with the contractual agreement.

He uses the time to describe the action by the county caucus for not taking a united decision on the payment for the contractor as disunity and is suffusing the progress of the loving people of Lofa County Development.

Mr. Cyrus further said it is embarrassing for Lofa Road to be facing serious challenges when the lawmakers are taking salaries and are not giving some levels of support to the reconditioning of the road.

He said the lawmakers are capable to make interventions on the road as leaders and not only depending on the government.

Cyrus narrated that he has personally contributed to the reconditioning of the Lofa Road through the office of the county superintendent.

He challenged the lawmakers to take the lead in making the show that the Lofa Road is pliable, especially during the voter registration of which they are seeking reelection.

Cyrus said there is a need for reconciliation and unity conference something he said will be his first approach if elected as a senator.

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