Disparities In Judicial Workers’ Salaries


 -As Min. Tweh Vows To Make Initial Three Months Payment

By: R. Joyclyn Wea:j.wea@newrepublicliberia.com

There were huge disparities uncovered in the salary of judicial staffs during their Tuesday, October 13, 2020 meeting with Finance Minister Samuel Tweah something that the MFDP boss resolved.

The meeting between Tweah and the aggrieve staff that was intended to explained the formula used in the harmonization exercise which allegedly witness a cut in their salaries unveils that the employees should earned US$196.00 dollars under standardization and harmonization.

Employees alleged they are receiving one hundred, twenty-five United States dollar $125.00 under the new policy which is a disparity in the workers’ take home paid.

The Technical team of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) puts that the total salary for bailiff under harmonization at two hundred and thirty-two dollars, but drop to US$192 after deduction of tax and social security.

Despite the loom whole, Minister Tweah resisted allegation by the aggrieve workers that the chief justice is behind such malpractice.

He explain that unlike pass regime or years the judiciary was exempted from paying taxes, but under Standardization and Harmonization the employees of the judiciary are to pay tax.

In that meeting, Minister Tweh admitted to being indebted to those staffs for 12 months, but said government will paid in four installments until it is clear of its debts.

According to him, government will make three months payment to the aggrieve workers by the end of this month, that means that in addition to their October pay, employees will be receiving US$153.00 dollars. 

Tweh explained that the harmonization exercise ended the issue of separate salaries (United States and Liberian dollars) and combined both as one.

 “Going forward beginning October, just as the formula was used to paid people in the Labor Ministry, and everywhere. “Whatever you are entitled to, nobody can take it away from you. That’s the principle behind harmonization,” he lamented.

It can be recalled that On Monday, October 12, 2020, Minister Tweh presence at the Temple of Justice was triggered by the protest of judicial staffers over 12 months salaries and other just benefits something he vows to settle the next day by bringing technicians of the MFDP to explain to them (workers) formula employ in the harmonization policy.

The staffers claimed that the Chief Justice allegedly took away, and refused to pay their Liberian dollars salary for the past 12 months.

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