Dillon Vows To Expose Senate’s Deliberations

By: Washington Tumay Watson-onewash9@gmail.com

Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon has vowed to expose and make public the deliberations of the Liberian Senate, upon his return from Legislative Break.

Speaking Monday, March 20, 2023, on OK FM 99.5, Senator Dillon noted that he will mobilize personal resources to sponsor a radio station that will carry live broadcast during Plenary’s Deliberations.

He indicated that the essence of such initiative is to ensure that the public gets informed about proceedings at the Liberian Senate.

The Montserrado County Lawmaker noted that the citizenry is not widely informed about activities unfolding at the Liberian Senate.

Senator Dillon indicated that the public needs to be fully informed to comprehend the decisions and actions of the Senate during its proceedings.

He mentioned that it is only the media that can serve as a conduit of information to the public.

Senator Dillion warned Liberians from being trucked by selfish politicians.

He then encouraged Liberians to get registered so as to be eligible for the electoral processes slated for October 10, 2023.

Commenting on the retirement benefits being craved for by former lawmakers, the Montserrado County Senator expressed disappointment in such law being proffered by these former Officials of Government.

According to him, the act of giving former Government’s Officials 50 % of salaries before retirement is totally wrong.

Senator Dillon indicated that the law will cause the country huge sum of money.

He however supported the retirement benefits for President, Vice President, and Chief Justice.

Senator Dillon pointed out that the retirement benefits of these individuals are internationally acceptable.














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