-Sen. Cooper Brands Senate Pro-Tempore, But . . ..

By Jackson C. Clay, Jr.

It seems that the leadership of Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Chie is gradually nearing conclusion with some of his colleagues expressing deep frustrations in his leadership ability.

In recent time, some Senators have been accusing the Senate Pro-Temp of muzzling them in the Senate’s plenary during debates, something they see as wrong on the part of Pro-Temp Chie and wants him desist.

During Thursday, November 8, 2018 session, Margibi County Senator, Oscar Cooper labeled Pro-temp Chie as a dictator, a description which triggered hard feeling among some senators including the Pro-Temp.

Following the description of the Pro-Temp as a dictator, Senator Cooper later apologized for his comments, but still did not go down well with Pro-Temp Chie.

In response, the Pro-Temp said Senator Cooper is old enough to be older than him, therefore, he (Senator Cooper) should learn to respect himself or else he (Pro-Temp Chie) would throw him out of the chamber the next time he makes such comments against him.

“You are old enough to be older than me, so please respect yourself and the next time you do that with the power in me vested I will not allow you in this chamber,” Pro-Temp Chie said in a very angry tone.

This comment by Senator Cooper comes in the wake of ongoing debate in the plenary of the Liberian Senate on a Bill to create a single day set aside for all past presidents in the country call Presidents’ Day.

It all started when River Gee County Senator, Conmany Wesseh tried to remind the plenary of the Senate of the sole purpose of their reconvening for this extra session, but was quickly brought to order by Senator Dallas Gueh of River Cess County.

Senator Wesseh believes that the reasons for which they as senators were recalled are not being actualized but rather the Senate is wasting its time on issues that are of less important and critical to the growth of the country.

He named the issues of roads connectivity across the country, the state of the country’s economy, the status of ongoing investigation into alleged missing 16billion Liberian banknotes and the livelihood of the ordinary Liberian people as some of the paramount reasons for their return to the Legislature.

Senator Wesseh also expressed frustration in the manner and forms Pro-Temp Chie is conducting the business of the Liberian Senate and wants the head of the Liberian Senate to desist.

Meanwhile, this brings to three the number of times the Senate Pro-Temp comes under serious criticism by some of his colleagues on the main reason why they were recalled to the Legislature since the start of this extra session.


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