Diamond Food Gets US$25,000.00 Fines


-For Selling ‘Contaminated Fish’

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has with immediate effect closed down and fined ‘’Diamond Food’’ the amount of Twenty-Five Thousand United States dollars (USD 25,000.00).

Diamond Food, a business institution which is engaged in the importation of frozen food and located in Sayon Town, Bushrod Island, was involved in the prohibited sale of fish which is highly contaminated with preservative formaldehyde.

Results from a physio-chemical and preservative conformity test conducted by the Ministry through its National Standard Laboratory (NSL) showed that the natural property of the tested sample was altered by the presence of a high and unacceptable level content of “formaldehyde”. Formaldehyde is toxic and also a banned substance for use on food and is very dangerous to the health of consumers.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry predicated upon said laboratory result has also instructed Diamond Food to deposit the fines of USD$25,000.00 twenty-five thousand United States Dollar into government’s revenue account for acts found to be in gross violation of the General Business Law of Liberia.

The Ministry’s management wishes to inform the general public that she remains committed to ensuring a fair and competitive business atmosphere and calls on business houses and the consuming public to report all of such cases to its Consumer Protection office so as to enhance the health safety of the public and the success of the government’s pro-poor agenda.

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