Derailed Political Sojourn?

MONROVIA-What appears to be the final nail to the political coffin of the People’s Liberation Party’s(PLP’s) Political Leader, landed much sooner than later with skeptics, detractors, and critics asking if he (Dr. Daniel Cassell) did not know it was a long time coming or he did not know that whatsoever is done in the dark shall surely come to light; and in the words of the late Reggae King Bob Marley, “if night could turn to day, a lot of people would run away”; with Dr. Cassell now canned in an American prison, being no exception

Dr. Cassell who became a political “hot potato”, too hot to handle, and the newest cash sensation on the heatedly crowded political landscape, upon establishing his political party, extended helping hand to some people including a women group with campaign attached flavor, equally so, presiding over his company through partnership; had a rough fray with the government about the alleged denial to land his helicopter in the country.

PLP’s Political Leader’s liberty has final been seized in America while on one of his regular visits, by the security for criminality, and why compelled to change his dress code to now the globally known tainted orange jump-suit; his political quest to run for the presidency in 2023 is quite impossible, considering the years he’ll spend behind bars, if he is found guilty; could well go far beyond 2023.

With such criminal weight pulling him down so  profoundly, many pundits are anxiously worrying, if such action will not derail his political sojourn, despite according to them (pundits), being dubbed as  one of Liberia’s political seasonal presidency-seeking-tourists; Dr. Cassell’s PLP rains cash in the political arena; although he stepped on some political toes in the process, his unexpected incarceration  in the United States took most of his partisans and supporters as well as sympathizers by a breezy shock and grave surprise thus leaving the party’s fate in limbo briefly with the partisans being caught between the rock and the hard place.

With the unchangeable culture of Liberian political parties almost being always established, financed and supported by an individual, and not being institutionalized, again, pundits foresee financially-troubled times ahead for PLP, if they are determined to continue the political venture, let alone capture the presidency in 2023.

It can be recalled that the government through the Ministry of Information warned the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) of any unauthorized protest.
Information Minister, Leggerhood Rennie told the media Thursday, October 28, 2021 in Monrovia that anybody wishing to demonstrate must get permission from the Justice Ministry, but anything short of that by putting people in the street will not augur well.
He then reminded would-be marchers that Liberia is a country of law and order, and not men of lawlessness that would cause the destruction of lives and properties as anybody involved will be arrested.
“Going back and forward carrying complaint to international missions or embassies here will not help you because these people will not demean themselves in these kinds of domestics politicking,” Rennie noted.
This is in response to the three-day ultimatum given government by the People Liberation Party (PLP) who claimed that their helicopter has been denied landing rights by the regime.
Commenting on other state matters, Rennie urged public officials or political leaders in the country to lower their tones of raining insults mainly at the presidency which does not augur well.
He said that nowadays statesmen and women are fond of insulting each other has become a political culture which is not helping the future generation who listen or read about them daily.
Rennie stated among many things that the peace and stability of the country is more important and that responsibility rests with everyone because Liberia has come of age.

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