Deputy Speaker Koffa Seeks Funding In National Budget For Southeast Road

By Mark N. Mengonfi

House of Representatives Deputy Speaker, J. Fonati Koffa has raised the need for infusions of 50 Million in the National Budget to help build road in the Southeastern region.

Appearing on ELBC’s Super Morning Show,  early this week, he said that as a lawmaker from the southeast, he will propose for the inclusion of 50 million in each budget year.

The lawmaker who has experienced the hardship citizens go through to travel from the southeast to Monrovia said that the road is very terrible and they as leaders of the area can not wait for loan before taking a decision in the interest of the people.

Rep. Koffa indicated that it takes  19 to 21 hours to get to Grand Kru during dry season and two weeks  to get there during rainy days.

Currently, the structure of the Liberian government is such that the President, Pro temporary of the Senate, the Speaker and his Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives are all from the southeast.

According to him, there is a compelling need  to prioritize roads, adding that because of bad roads, the prices of things in the Southeastern part of the country are very high

Few of those who called during the talkshow highlighted that with those in key positions coming from the same region, it means a lot for them, adding that it will bring them change in the region.

But Deputy Speaker Koffa said he works behind the scene which  indicates that he has a good relationship with the executive.

When he was quizzed what they as lawmakers didn’t do well, he said one thing they didn’t do well was to inform the people of Liberia that they are working on their behalf.

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