Deputy MICAT boss lashes At MOVEE’s accusation

MONROVIA-Deputy Information Minister for Press and Public Affairs Jarlawah A. Tonpo has  said  the accusation made by  opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment(MOVEE) leader is baseless but rather  calling on them to advance developmental solutions rather than unsubstantiated criticisms.

MOVEE accused the government of Liberia for what they called “bad governance” day after the observance of the 174 Independence Day celebration.

“The Chairman of MOVEE-Mr. Sayee has advanced no idea on how the country should be governed. Look, this is the kind of agenda I want, if you are attacking the government, you must come up with ideas and or solution on how the country should proceed, but you cannot continue to denigrate, denigrate and denigrate without no suggestion and no way out”, Deputy Minister Tonpo told the OK Radio Tuesday July 27, 2021 morning news program following a long prerecorded excerpts (voice) of MOVEE Chairman.

Deputy minister Tonpo described the opposition MOVEE recent statement as insightful and disingenuous. Minister Tonpo said his prompt reaction against the MOVEE chairman stands from the fact that Mr. Sayeee’s statement was out of order, lacks iota of true, and was blanket in his taught without advancing a single recommendation.

“The Independence Day Celebration was prerecorded at the Ministry of Information and played on ELBC and other radio stations nationwide, because the Government is so much more concerned about the lives of the Liberian People especially so, at this crucial time when we are fighting COVID-19, so there was no gathering, what was done was just to observe the day and not celebration, so how come Mr. Sayee will talk about there was no need for independence Day Celebration? I respectfully disagree with him.”

MOVEE chairman has accused government of being insensitive to the plight of Liberians by celebration the 174 Independence Day. Dan Sayeh also alleged that the burial site of the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill’s mother is meant to “store state resources.”


But Liberia Deputy Information Minister slammed MOVEE chairman’s accession and called on him to reconstruct his lecture toward national development instead of striving to attack






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