Delays Are Dangerous


-While Ignoring Communication; Rep. Domah Once Raised Concern Of The Growing Threats Of Public Safety

Nimba County Electoral District Seven Representative Roger SWY Domah whose communication to the plenary of the House of Representatives dated March 5, 2018 regarding the ‘growing threats of public safety’ which has to do with faulty trucks and other vehicles being left on major highways and major streets in the country appears to be a glowing prophesy unattended to by the House of Representatives’ committee on National Security.

Representative Domah further added: “this often results into traffic congestions thereby causing avoidable accidents; sometimes resulting into death and property damage.”

In his communication read and forwarded to the committee on March 13, 2018, the Nimba County’s lawmaker stressed that damaged, faulty or abandoned vehicles are seen parked on the streets or driveways with no or less efforts being made to promptly remove them has proven a fatal incident resulting into the death of Montserrado County’s electoral district #15, Representative Adolph A. Lawrence and a lady on March 25, 2019 with several others severely wounded.

Pundits observed that this unattended-to communication could have been a stitch-in-time (which saves nine) had all due attentions accorded it by the respective authorities in the country. But unfortunately, the unattended-to communication which was read in an open plenary on March 13, 2018 without seeing the light of day; pathetically on March 25, 2019, Representative Lawrence and a lady met their demise when they rammed into a faulty truck loaded with planks on Tower Hill on the Robertsfield Highway.

At the same time, Police Spokesman, Moses Carter confirming the accident explained that the truck loaded with timbers ahead was smoking. Moreover, observers noted that with the smoking vehicle combined with poor visibility may have had a bearing on the tragic motor accident.

It’s over one year since Nimba County electoral district Seven Representative Roger SWY Domah wrote the plenary of the House of Representatives calling its attention on the growing threats of public safety in the country.

The letter was intended to effect measures to address those issues, but was reportedly ignored by the Committee on Security chaired by Gbarpolu County electoral district one Representative Alfred G. Koiwood.    TNR

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