Defiance Delays Road Work

By Mark N Mengonfia

MONROVIA-The Government of Liberia is meeting with marketers today regarding their relocation to Omega Market.

Last year, the government of Liberia through the Minister of Public Works, the Monrovia, and Paynesville City Corporations made efforts to have the marketers move from Redlight, but they soon returned when the government did not put more effort in ensuring that they stay at the Omega Market.

Currently, the marketers have returned to the Redlight Market thus causing the ongoing road project to come at a standstill.

Weeks ago, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathanial F. McGill on national radio pleaded with the Marketers to return to Omega, a call that went as though one was wasting water on duck’s back.

It has reached the point that government can no longer see the ongoing road project being discontinued because of the presence of the marketers in Redlight.

Speaking at a news conference, McGill said the Ministries of Justice, Internal Affairs, Public Works, the Liberia Marketing Association, the Paynesville and Monrovia City Corporations and the Liberia National Police and other stakeholders are holding a meeting today at the Paynesville City Hall in finding a solution to the removal of those markets.

Although they are having meeting today, but Minister McGill said during the news conference, there will be no enough time given the marketers.

He said they are not going to use force to have them remove from Redlight market.

According to him, the presence of those marketers is hampering the ongoing road construction process.

The deadline for the road project is April 2022 and when it falls on government, they will have to spend additional funds to have the project continue.

Minister McGill said, Redlight is a very important corridor and they as a government want to have it developed.

Minister McGill who also decried the filthiness and lackadaisical habit of dumping dirt in street corners by citizens, urged Liberians to help keep the city clean.

He said it is unfortunate that Liberians will willfully throw garbage in the streets with the mindset that someone, somewhere is going to have it removed.

He noted that harsh punishments await Liberians who will carelessly throw dirt in the streets.

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