Defense, Prosecution Pay Fact Finding Visit At Justice Scott’s Home

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

Recently, defense attorneys, government attorneys, members of the Liberia National Police, the Ministry of Justice and the Sheriff and bailiff of Criminal Court “A” paid a visit to Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott’s Brewerville residence. Scott is a former Chief Justice of the Republic of Liberia.

The visit was made with the intention of allowing Justice Scott’s attorneys to analyze or investigate the alleged crime scene in order to get a better understanding of what happened on the night of February 22, 2023, which resulted in the death of Charloe Musu, the justice’s niece.

The main goal of the visit was to further provide defense attorneys with the tools they need to effectively defend their clients and or refute all of the accusations made in the state indictment against them.

The permission was given by the court last week predicated upon a Bill of Information presented to thecourt by defense counsels calling its attention to motions for a new autopsy on Charloe Musu’s remains and visitation at the justice’s home in Brewerville where the alleged crime occurred.

It was discovered during the tour that the property has three entrances. There are three gates on the fence, to put it another way, a total of three doors lead into the house. The only building in the courtyard that has a palaver halt so near to the jailed justice’s window is the residence.

The living room also has four existing entrances. The living room ceiling had two apertures that could be seen.

Blood prints were still visible in Justice’s bathroom and in the guestroom’s bathroom. A blood stamp was also visible on the floor in the little hallway where the Justice claimed to have confronted the alleged offender and pepper sprayed his eyes. The pepper spray’s residue is still on the ground.

Grey, Morrow, and Silver were three cars that were parked in the yard and didn’t appear to have been used in a very long time.

Surprisingly, neither the door the unidentified man northe Chief Justice said to have entered that night nor the window to the room where the defendants are alleged to have escaped having blood stein. Only one of the steel robs to the iron bar was removed, and it is now lying on the ground beneath the window.

A man who is reportedly the justice driver is currently in possession of the property key and it was also discovered that the police have since removed their officers fromthe compound and taken infantry of everything in the house.

Government lawyers were raising contention that the fact the property key is in the possession of the justice’s family means that the crime scene has been tempter with.

The visitation witnessed the presence of lawyers His Honor, Kabineh Ja’neh, former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, and Cllr. Martina Wesseh, and Jonathan Massaquoi among others represented the defense while Bobby Livingstone, Adolphus, and others represented the states.

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