Deeply Troubling

MONROVIA-The Church of Liberia has disclosed that it is seriously troubled by the death of 29-worshippers at the D-Tweh School during a Crusade in New Kru Town.

The head of the Church of Liberia and the Body of Christ, Archbishop Isaac S. Winker while expressing condolences, also pray for the bereaved families during this troubling time of their lives.

Speaking to our reporter Saturday in Paynesville, Archbishop Winker said following a meeting with the Liberian Leader George Weah,  the Church of Liberia recommended several measures to ensure public safety during the holding of future crusades and another religious gathering to avoid recurrence of such human causticity.

According to him, the Body proposed the institution of a national policy to govern all mass religious gatherings.

“For public safety and deterrence of recurrence, we wish to recommend the following measures whilst consultation of all national stakeholders is ongoing to evolve a policy to govern all mass religious gathering and as counsel to all church leaders and organizers,” he indicated.

According to Archbishop Winker, the Church noted that the policy should focus on coordination amongst the Churches, local authorities, and the LNP in the organization of any public religious gathering.

“The Church of Liberia recommendation to the President of Liberia that all organizing ministries informed all local authorities to include city majors, police, county authorities, and community leaders, commissioners”, he said.

Archbishop Winker also said as part of public safety, crusade organizers should provide a sufficient lighting system, with a stand–by–generator.

“The organizing ministry must ensure that the provision of maximum security for the crusade venue, ensure proper and orderly seating arrangements to facilitate movement of attendants, “he noted.

Additionally, the Church of Liberia wants all crusade workers to be properly identified with uniform, suitable ventilation; sanitation condition, and appropriate health protocol as well as ensure proper training of all workers prior to the crusade event.

According to him, “as Christian and the community of faith, we encourage all to continue to lift up the banner of Jesus Christ to the end, Liberia will be for Jesus, the Land will be blessed and the peace of God will reign in the heart and life of all”.

Archbishop Winker also expressed the hope that all church leaders will cooperate for the safety and well-begin of the people.

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