‘Declare Assets by July’

LACC Tells Government Officials

MONROVIA-The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has announced to all government officials to declare their assets by July 2021.

The LACC is an autonomous arm of government responsible to look into all corruption issues in government.

The LACC’s mandate was made on Freedom Radio Tuesday June 1, 2021 clearly telling officials of government to make known what they have as individuals serving in the Liberian government.

Authorities at the institution said declaration of government officials assets will help the LACC to carry out their duties and functions in helping to minimize corruption in governmental cycle.

Since President George Weah became president in 2018, his officials are yet to make know their assets something with contravenes laws of Liberia thus causing a setback to the work of the LACC.

The fight against corruption is being delayed according to the LACC authorizes because they are yet to announce what they had since they became officials of government.

LACC indicated that any official of government refusing to declare their assets will face the full punishment of the laws.

The jurisdiction of the LACC extends to all public sector agencies in Liberia and employees, including government departments, local’s councils, members of Parliament, ministers, the judiciary and government.

The institution’s mission among other this are to prevent, address and reduce corruption in the public and private sector and promote good governance, integrity and rule of law.

The LACC is by law, the lead governmental agency in addressing and preventing corruption.

However, it cannot succeed without strong and broad based partnerships with every official and every citizen at the community, national, regional and international level.


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