“Death Missed Me”


-Motorcyclist Gives Testimony

By Esau J. Farr

A motorcyclist in Grand Cape Mount County says it is truly God who saved him from the hands of three alleged criminals.

According to the motorcyclist (unidentified), he was recently hired by three unknown men to transport them to a hard to reach village in Grand Cape Mount County, but the situation later turned sour forcing him to narrowly escape death.

“It was recently that some guys came in our parking and asked me to take them to a village where only motorbike can go; while we were going, there is an area that is very bad and if you don’t slow down or stop, you can make it to pass there. So when we reached near the area, I slowed down for them (passengers) to get down so I can try and pass. But as soon I stopped, they jumped on me and took away my bike asking me to choose either my life or the motor bike; they even decided to chook me and hang me with a rope, but it was only God who saved me for me to run away from them,” he is quoted by a local journalist in the area.

He explained that seeing himself still alive is like a dream to him considering the danger that God took him from.

“All I can say is death missed me,” the surviving cyclist told journalist in the county as he explained his encounter and ordeal on that fateful day.

The local journalist in the county narrated that after the cyclist managed and escaped through the help of God, he reported the incident to officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) in the county who later launched a search for the alleged criminals.

The cyclist believed to be in his twenties (20s) is said to have remembered two of the perpetrators and with his help, LNP officers in the county traced the suspects and arrested them, charged them with multiple crimes and sent them to the Tennie Magisterial Court in Grand Cape Mount County awaiting trial.

The suspects are reportedly charged with armed robbery, theft of property; attempt to commit murder and high-jacking amongst others.

The issue of criminal minded individuals claiming to be normal passengers who hire the services of motorbike riders and later take them (cyclists) to unknown destinations and have them kidnapped or killed while they (perpetrators) take away motor bike and parts from victims is common in Liberia especially in rural communities.                             TNR

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