DEA On ‘Drug Dealers’ Back


-Several Ghettos Raided, demolished

A joint operation involving the Freeport and Iron Gate detachments of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement (LDEA) has raided and demolished several ghettos and criminal hide-outs in Duala, New Kru Town, Brewerville and other surrounding areas in Virginia, Montserrado.

Marijuana, Heroin and Cocaine

The exercise is part of its search and seizure dragnet named and styled ‘’twenty-one-day sweep’’

Speaking to our reporter, commander of the detachment, Agent Uriah Geeda said prior to this particular operation he along with his men has used search and seizure warrant from the court resulting into the arrests of many persons who have been charged with illegal possession of contraband and sent to court for prosecution.

According to Agent Geeda, as the result of the joint mission with his counterpart from the Freeport, they were able to seize some huge consignment of Marijuana, Heroin and Cocaine in the Virginia and VOA belts and suspects have been processed and forwarded to trial. He fell short of disclosing the estimate street value of the three categories of substances confiscated by the DEA.

He indicated that the raid only targets drugs dealers and traffickers, not users. LDEA agent Uriah Geeda however expressed disappointment over their inability to get hold of traffickers who are the importers of these dangerous substances into Liberia.

He said the failure of DEA officers to arrest these importers is mainly due to lack of proper cooperation on the on the part of residents and others in high places to share intelligence with officers on the hide-outs of traffickers.

Agent Geeda further said Heroin and Cocaine have serious effect on human health and may sometimes lead to brain damage, but users normally say it makes them feel good and have fine. He said the consumption of drugs in Liberia today particularly Marijuana has been transformed into different categories including milk candies, canyans, boiled ataye which according to him is most dangerous; and ‘’Jah Root’’ that involves the mixture of Cane Juice and Marjuana.

For his part, Agent Alfred Jehpleh of the Freeport Detachment warned drugs dealers that with the directive from the Chief of Operation the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agent they are not going to stop until all dealers are apprehended in their area of control. He said their effort to raid Liberia of these dangerous contrabands is usually being thwarted by the delay in the passage of the new drugs law of Liberia that is presently before members of the national legislatures.

Agent Jehpleh indicated that the current laws on the books are simply public health laws which came to force in the 1970’s and that anyone arrested and sent to court can be bailed out.

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