Cyril Allen Blast White


MONROVIA-The former chairman of the National Patriotic Party-NPP, Chief Cyril Allen has lashed at  Allen White,  former Chief Investigator  of  the  United Nations backed Special Court for Sierra Leone (2002-2005). Dr. White directed and supervised all global criminal investigations involving war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Dr. White’s efforts resulted in the indictment, and conviction of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia as well as 12 related indictments.

But  Chief Allen  in a pre-recorded tape obtained by this paper  described Dr. White as an international gangster who is involved in blackmailing some  African leaders.

“Fellow Liberians, my name is Chief A.  Cyril Allen. I speak as an individual. I do not represent any institution. I do not represent  any organisation, political parties,  I do not speak for any group of people, I speak in my own name and on my own behalf and have always taken full responsibility  for the comments, information and messages that I disseminate. The reasons for my interview and for my recording right now  is to address a particular indidal  and  prevailing  our nation and its people.

He said: “Many years ago, Mr. Allen White, this international gangster, that plays a major role in deceiving and  undermining  and extracting   monies from Africans, in the name of the U.S. Government say, or the U.S. government  Opinion or decisions of a group of people that  he does not represent.”

“The United States  of America  has international representation at Ambassadorial level, has international representation at economic and legal levels and Allen White is not one of those. He’s been  going around the continent vaccinating and perambulating, deceiving national leaders, blackmailing them; undermining governments and spreading unconfirmed and unorthodox  rumors about individuals and national leaders of our continent.”

Dr. White is recognized as an international criminal justice expert and has provided witness testimony at U.S. Congressional hearings. Dr. White developed anti-corruption training programs utilized by the Afghanistan Ministry of Interior. Also, directed a government wide anti-corruption program in Uganda to strengthen the government capabilities tackling corruption and asset recovery. Dr. White developed and presented a fraud training program utilized by the USAID worldwide. Dr. White has collaborated with the ABA/ICC Program providing criminal investigative training and technical support, U.S. State Department Office of Global Criminal Justice & DHS/ICE Human Rights Violators & War Crimes Unit, based in Washington, DC.

“There is a time for everything. Liberians sat supinely and watch Allen White and his group of international legal gangsters, convict, lied, conspired, misrepresented and convicted our 21st president and throw him behind bars in  great Britain.”

“Since when the Europeans become judges and those to reprimand African leaders” Chief Cyril Allen question.

It can be recalled that recently, the minister of State for presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill said some people in the  international circle were blackmailing him.

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